Tuesday, July 30, 2013

we have a baptism this weekend and Im pretty excited about that and weve planned a half day mission where we will be doing training on member missionary work, and home and visiting teaching and then going out to visit and then coming back for the baptism. Im pretty excited about that its nerve racking too because we have put a lot of time and prayer into planning it and you never know if people will come or what time they will come. mostly people show up at least 30 minutes late to everything (including baptisms and church and general conference etc...) so we announced that it starts at 12 30 but it really starts at 1. hope that will help a little.
well the new mission president Is pretty great its different because hes a different person but the mission hasnt changed yet at all. hes got about all the experience that anyone could ask for being a bishop stake president councilor in 3 mission presidencies and one of the big wigs at proctor and gamble so He knows his stuff. but i do miss president carlos. Its okay though because he moved to salem utah so Ill see him again sometime hopefully on aug 11.
My plans for my last week are invite commit follow up and love people. I have a million letters to write and a little shopping to do and no time to do any of it And Im getting sick theres some kind of sickness thats going around here that has affected half our branch and My body is starting to ache but hey i left for the philippines sick i might as well come home sick too right? Ive had great health for a long time so I guess it was about time for me to get sick anyways.
Anyways I love you see you soon! elder landeen

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