Tuesday, July 9, 2013

hello family! things here are doing great i am healthy (isnt that weird) and happy. i feel like i was sitting on the computer yesterday writing you and now here i am again, things going to fast im having a hard time thinking of what happened to know what to write you about.
one thing that sort of stuck out for me was a lesson we had with a new investigator family the mariano family. lots happened in the lesson it was great but the thing that really stuck out to me was when he said that he has a question, that if theres a new new testament.. (speaking of the book of mormon) written to testify of christ, he said why doesnt everybody know about this???? he said it in a way that i really appreciated because people dont very often understand how big of a deal it is that theres another book of scripture other than the bible. inside i thought brother thats exactly why were here to tell you about it! ha but he said that hes very interested to learn more about it because all of it (joseph smith the book of mormon) is completely new to him.  how lucky are we to know about the restoration and the book of mormon. if you want to more fully appreciate how lucky we are come here to the philippines theres a different church on every street corner. (not exagerating) all with their own interpretation of the bible, using different bibles, some even restricting their members from reading the bible (what a wicked thing to do but they do it here) the most common answer to an offer to learn about the restoration that i have repeatedly heard throughout my time here is "isa lang naman ang dios natin iba lang ang mga paniniwala" we all have the same god just different beliefs about him. or to translate it to its deeper meaning they are saying we have different beliefs but we all pray to the same god so its all the same in the end. (this makes absolutely no sense because if we have the same god then there cant be more than one truth about him but yeah) anyways ive grown in greattitude that i know about the restoration and the book of mormon taking care of all of those thoughts and questions.
thats the depth of my thinking this week ha. like i said time really has flown by ill have to plan more carefully next time ha. anyways love you all! take care until next week.... elder landeen

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