Tuesday, July 9, 2013

hey everyone i just wanna share a couple stories. first off ill be staying here in roxas for the rest of my mission... favorite area and favorite companion couldnt ask for any\thing more.
now to the story.
       back in cabagan there was a convert named frederick tapitan. he was baptised before i got there and we became good friends while i was serving there. right now he is serving part time here in the philippines cauayan mission and he just recieved his mission call this past thursday to serve in the Philippines Naga mission.
       frederick comes from a family that is very active in the jehovas witness church. he learned about the church through his girlfriend who is a member and he investigated for a very long time. to state the obvious to anyone aquanted with the jehovas witnesses his parents were and are very against him investigating and being taught by missionaries. sometimes he would wear normail clothes to leave the house and then change into church clothes when he got to church so they didnt know he was attending. they threatened many times to ke\ick him out if he continued to listen and attend but against all his parents wishes he was eventually baptized. his parents did not support the decision but at that point in time didnt kick him out. i remember asking him how he handles things and he jst said "i love my family and i know they love me but they arent the ones that will save me so i do what i have to do.''
        as time went on talk of serving a mission only added to family persecution. and eventually his parents did tell him to leave the house \, that hes no longer welcome at home. so he went to stay with the family of his girlfriend with no other options available to him. there he stayed until he came to serve part time and there he will stay until he serves full time.
          when talking to frederick i has always be surprised by him postitive hopeful attitude. you would never have guessed that he had been rejected by his family for following the truth he came to know and was facing the aspects of never being accepted again by his loved ones. we all have the hope of course that one day his parents will accept things or maybe even convert.. but at the same time they may not. i was reminded of the verse in ether 12: 4 speaking of the relation of faith in jesus christ and hope, how they are interconnected and if you have faith, hope is innevitable and if you have f\hope, it is the fruit of your faith or visa versa. the thing that stuck out to me the most was that this young man was willing to face the thought of never being accepted again by his family in oder to follow the savior. because of his faith, or his belief that through christ alone is his salvation (speaking of his earlier statement about how his family cant save him only the gospel can) he is able to leave it all behind, lay it on the alter and do it with joy in his heart. i cant imagine being put in that kind of situation but im greatful to have met people like him that are an example to me of how to live the gospel that christ taught and not just to speak about it.
well that got a lot longer than i expected so i think i will just leave it at that. i love you all and i will be seeing you all soon. take care! love elder landeen

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