Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Allen's letter this week was very short.  He has a good friend who is meeting with the missionaries in our home, so that is what he is talking about. 
2 more emails and he will be home!  He flies in on August 1st at 12:58 on Delta flight 1857.  His welcome home is August 11th at 1:00 at our building and we will gather after at our house.  If you need an address let us know.
Mike and Paula

okay so to answer the questions asked if you have time that you are just dieing to get the car going that would be great :) but dont go out of your way to get it done or stress over it or anything like that either way works for me.

if bishop has a topic id love to know it just to maybe start the brain storming.

thats pretty cool about taylor praying for the first time. he didnt mention anything about praying he did say that it was weird for him because he never pictured himself meeting with missionaries but he said it was a good experience and they were very helpful, and that he feels like you are treating him like family. 

thats pretty cool about you being able to help someone thats goings through a hard time and mourning with those that mourn. im happy to have parents that live the gospel. sometimes i wonder if im just bias because you are my parents but you two are heroes in my eyes. 

i love you very much i dont have much preaching to do ha but ill see you soon (: take care thank you so much for taking care of taylor. imagine how that will feel especially if his family decides to give it a chance too. I dono if i could handle that joy. 
yeah love you (: elder landeen

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