Tuesday, July 9, 2013

hello po everyone! hows it going,,

things here are great times gone by too fast to remember all that has happened so il focus on what was most memorable for me.

      The broadcast last night (last week for all of you) was the greatest thing ever! as i watched i was completely amazed at how truely inspired the leaders of the church are. when i was listening to elder L Tom Perry talk about the new ways missionary work can / will be done i was thinking ... how many people in their 90's could come up with a way to use social networking sites to preach the gospel, and how many 90 year olds even know what social networking sites are or how to use i pads or those kinds of things. i loved when he said missionary work is not changing we will be teaching the same doctrines and the same lessons. but we live in a changing world and we have to adapt. 

        I also thought about all the ways satan uses technology to tempt people and lead them down the wrong path. and then to see how the lord is going to use that same technology, to advance the spreading of the gospel throughout the world. it reminded me of adam and eve, when satan tempted them he thought he was harming gods plan, but he was actually begining it. for how many years satan has used technology in a wicked way but now we see that "the lords wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil" 

         Next i loved president monsons story from canada, we had been planning to teach a workship about missionary work here in the branch using that very story and then they played it on the broadcast ha. that story is one of my favorites because it shows how much of a difference on person can make, and if one person can do that think of how much could happen if we ALL worked like that, inviting people into our homes to be taught the gospel. 

            I just really had my testimony strengthened last night with that broadcast because i the whole time i was there i was just in awe at how these old men were teaching in a very different world than they grew up in, and it just kept coming to my mind over and over that  if they werent directed by the holy spirit, if the savior wasnt the head of this church none of this could have happened, it wouldnt be possible. i felt the spirit so strong that this is a true work and we're a part of it! 

             My favorite scripture is in alma 29 verses 9-10. if anyone need motivation to do missionary work, just think about how much the lord has done for you. that memory has carried me through the hardest experiences so far in my life. it makes me think of the most important word in the english language., remember. if we can remember the great things the lord has done for us, in answering our prayers and guiding our paths, how could we keep those blessing from the lives of those we love who dont know what we know? 

              Anyways i love you all hope things are well at home take care!!! elder landeen

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