Tuesday, July 9, 2013

hello everyone another week is gone.
i had an interesting talk with a man named joe faneli. hes an american originally from new york and now currently living with his grifriends family here in roxas. hes in his 50's hes traveled and lived all over the world he has had all sorts of experiences with business studying various subjects from law, psychology and business. he was once a minister for an avanghelical church (an all black congregation) and now he and i quote "does what he wants, when he wants, and is happy"
i've never had the chance to teach an american before its pretty exciting thinking about it. we will be meeting with him hopefully the first week of july. i was just thinking about how lucky i am to know the gospel. this man talked with us for a while about how he has lost faith in mankind. he believes in god and doesnt question that there is a "supreme being" but was very adament that you cant trust another person whether its your next door neighbor or your own children. "people are no good" and well from where he was coming from i dont blame him for feeling that way. but i was thinking about what he said and i was impressed with how much the lord trusts us. he calls on us, a bunch of stupid people (yes im included in this category) and trusts us with many things. the priesthood the very power he holds, stewardships over his children, having familys, sending more of his children to be raised by us,,, stupid people. and i was also very impressed in how much he his willing to forgive us for all the things we do and despite the stupid decisions we make daily somehow he still trusts us with his work. isnt it amazing? 

next we had a fun experience in a place called simimbaan we had an appointment set with a new investigator and we waited for him at the house of a member for a while and then there was a VERY drunk man riding a bike on the other side of an irregation canal he crashed on his bike and the kids of the next door neighbor laughed at him. he didnt like that very much and he was carrying an itak (machete) so he came and started going after the kids. i dont think he was going to really do anything other than scare them but you never know what people are going to do when they are drunk. the even stranger thing was that the people there (neighbors) didnt seem to care it seemed pretty normal to them they just sort of watched. its a weird world we live in.
other than that the only other news is president carlos goes home very soon. they are moving to salem utah i dono how close to jans house they will be but this is their new address

8N 590 E

Salem, Utah  84653
anyways i love you all thats it for me until next time! elder landeen

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