Sunday, March 17, 2013


area #5        ROXAS

yes i figure your understand what that means... i got transfered this past week to a new area. and yes its called roxas (pronounced rohas) 
transfer day is always exciting it doesnt matter how long you are in the mission its still terrifying to get transfered to a new area. you have to get to know a whole new branch of people and im terrible with names, new area new companion that your wondering how your companionship will be.. exciting ha ha.

its a lot different here im not showing in ice water anymore and theres no mountains for miles. my companions names is elder ballentos and its the first time since my first set of companions during my training that my companion wasnt either brand new or only 12 weeks or less in the mission. its definately a different perspective ha ha i have to remind myself that im not training my companion anymore. but its good because elder ballentos is a great missionary and has just about as much experience as i have in the field minus 12 weeks so hes great at teaching. 

its a big adjustment because here coming from such a small place like dupax roxas  is actually a fairly nice city and my area is right next to it and we can walk to the church where we have district meeting unstead of a 30 minute tricee ride. ill miss that place but i think ill get lost in the work here pretty quickly. (its not an open area so we actually have people to teach right off the bat its so nice ha ha)

its funny too now the 2 assistants to the president are both from my batch coming to the field one filipino elder ilagan and then elder needs. both studs so im happy about that. 
i dont have any deep thoughts this week because i have been so mentally involved with new things that i havent had the time to think too deep. but ill see if i can come up with something this week for you. no promises but we do have zone conference so i should be able to find something to share.

well i love you all hope all is well. take care!! until next week.... elder landeen

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