Sunday, March 17, 2013

hello hello. its getting hot again! my polos (white shirts) are at the
can only get away with 1 day of wearing them stage again where as the
past few months ive been able to get away with two ha ha it was nice
while it lasted. its amazing how much you can sweat from just walking
ha i forgot about that while i was in dupax.. its been a great
reminder for me ha ha.

anyways i have a cool little experience this past week. well a bunch
ill share a few. first and foremost.. was an experience we had with
tatay gregorio manzano. this is the man who has had a stroke and cant
get around well and cant talk.. while we were visiting he we could
sense that he had something he really wanted to get across to us and
he was making hand gestures and pointing towards the church but well
he cant talk. so we gave him a pencil and a paper and he wrote this on
the paper.. gusto kong magpatotoo pero  hindi ako makapagsalita.. (i
want to share my testimony but im not able to speak...) i thought to
my self of all the things this poor old man could be thinking about...
of all the things that he could have written on that paper or tried to
get across to us... it was his desire to bear his testimony in church.
then i thought about how often in the first 18 years of my life i had
this burning desire to share my testimony (not very often) and how
many times i wanted to but i just didnt.. then theres this man who can
speaak but that is the thing he wants most. makes ya think and count
your blessings right?

next was with a less active man we are teaching. tatay anghel. hes
been inactive for years... he was offended pretty badly in the 1990's
and since then he hasnt been coming to church. hes come 1 time before
i got here but now since ive been here he hasnt come. every time he
plans on coming he thinks about what happened those many years ago and
it hurts still so much that he ends up going to the catholic church. .
. we've been teaching him the restoration for the past two weeks
trying to help him understand the doctrine of the apostasy and how
important the restoration is.... and yesterday he didnt come to church
again but while we were teaching him something lie seemed to click. he
said he had been thinking about what we were teaching.. and why there
are so many churches and how joseph smith restored the church that was
lost and i didnt understand that before but now it makes sense and i
thought to myself... why would i go to the catholic church if i know
where the true church is. and then he said he plans on being active
again. the thing that really impressed me was when he said i
understand. thats all that it was... a correct understanding of true
doctrine to change his heart. it makes me sad that for that many years
hes harbored hard feelings and missed so many blessings because of
something that would be very difficult but if he had understood the
doctrine.. and got a testimony of it he wouldnt have beeen lost.

sorry i had a lot the talk about but all the sudden i lost track of
where i was going and im low on time again... so maybe next week ill
remember. anyways love you all take care! elder landeen

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