Sunday, March 17, 2013

Allen just sent a short note to Mike and I this week, but I cut and pasted parts of them together so you know his thoughts this week.
did you have a chance to read elder bednars talk to the young single adults?
those things have been on my mind ever since... do you have the faith not to be healed. and that out faith should be that the lord can heal us not that he will heal us. just like the savior in the garden of gethsemane didnt have his bitter cup taken away... sometimes we just have to endure... and hopefully well.
what a great talk right? i went on splits with some members yesterday and we were supposed to meet back at the church at 5 but he didnt get back until 6, (time doesnt exhist here) but anyways i was able to watch the broadcast while i was waiting. i never sees to be amazed with the wisdom and knolwledge of the leaders of the church and their way of taking a story and showing you the hand of the lord in all things. it makes you think about yourself doesnt it and getting your faith to be in the lord and not in the outcome. you wonder sometimes why thingsa like that happen... (the cancer of that man) but then you think also of how many thousands of people have now been inspired by the words of that man in his journal as a result of his cancer... and im sure that never even crossed their minds.
the rashes are just an eternal struggle im fighting ha but its part of the journey.
elder landeen
That's all we got this week, but he sounds happy and well.
Love you all!
Mike and Paula

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