Sunday, March 17, 2013

okay everyone apparently wants to know the story of my hand so ill tell you.. 
i was working in mallig (a different area) on splits with elder dagal and as we were walking i felt something like a spider web brush across my arm. (of course because it felt like a spider web i assumed that it was.... a spider web) but then later my arm started itching and well after a day thats what it looked like. the rash went all over my body. so i went to the doctor got a hydrocortizone shot got some other things to take and now its about gone :) ive gotten very used to the monthly ailment thats why i wasnt all that excited to share about it ha thats just how things have gone for this short stay in paradise.

other than that what else is new... we had a great meeting with elder hallstrom and elder michael john u teh, two general authorities. theres 2 things (among many) that have impressed me each time i have listened to or met with a general authority. 1: how precisely and clearly they speak, and how carefully they seem to seach for the correct things to say. 2: without fail they have each talked about agency at 1 time or another and how important the principle of action is in every aspect of the gospel and of our life. 

one thing that was really cool was when elder hallstrom ended his teachings he bore his testimony and said if you ever find yourself doubting your testimony,, or wondering if you are doing the right thing, or questioning your faith... know that as a special witness of christ i know with perfect assurity ... and then bore his testimony. it wasnt any testimony different than is always born at general conference.. but as he spoke it was as if i could see the spirit carrying his words into our hearts.. it was one of those times that you feel like your faith has been made perfect and youve been lifted up into a higher plane.. like there was nothing but hope and knowledge inside me and i knew... that he knew what he was saying was true. i really felt the spirit there, ive felt the spirit countless times strehgthening my testimony, and i share my testimony often. but this was one of those times where you just really feel something. i feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be taught by general authorities like that.

another thing that touched me was yesterday at nanay sorianos house (the one who cant walk and is so happy) she said the opening prayer, and i think my heart about melted. she has a hard time speaking also so when she talked everything sounds so forced like she is really struggling to get the sounds to come out. and her prayer was just so humble,. she thanked got for her many blessings, she told him how much she loves him and asked him to please give them food to eat every day, and then asked to please help her get better because shes sick, followed by more things shes greatful for and closed in the name of jesus christ. 
theres a few things that really touched me about her prayer. 1 please give us food to eat every day... thats something that we dont usually say in our prayers at home. we thank god for the food hes given us, but we dont ask him to give us food every to eat every day... here... she has to rely on the lord for that blessing because it wouldnt be abnormal to no know where they are going to get their food for dinner. it really touched me that she, someone with such health problems wasnt cursing god for her problems...  but seems to completely recognize her reliance on god for her daily needs. next was the was she said heavenly father i love you, we were a group but it was interesting that she said mahal ko kayou and not mahal namin kayo (ko means me and namin means we) of course normally in a group you would be expressing the love of the whole group but i just felt like this was a very personal expression of her love for him followed by a plee for help in her time of need. what a great example of how christ taught us to pray. i thought to my self man if all my prayers were like that i would be so much closer to my heavenly father than i am now. 

anyways other than that we need to go dedicate the house of the sister missionaries so i gota run.. but i love you all ! take care... love elder landeen

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