Sunday, March 17, 2013

hello everybody. i dont have any super inspiring words today... i have
something very sad to talk about so bear with me.

yesterday we were working in one of our areas called nueva era, its
super far away and we have to walk about 30 minutes after a 10 minute
ride in a van to get to our first appointment. as we were walking my
spirits were high. while we were in the van i was able to give a short
little "sermon" (haha) about the restoration to the people in the van
(side note when i say van, thats a public transportation that they do
here they push as many people into these vans as will fit and drop you
off when you need to go along the highway just like busses there) and
that was fun. anyways as we were walking we had just passed by a house
just a little ways away from the dirt road we were walking on when we
heard a big bang, followed by the shattering of glass. it was a little
starteling but we thought it might have just been a big firework or
something so we didnt think about it too much, when we got to the
house were were going to they were building a little awning out of
bamboo and kugol (that grass looking stuff they use for making huts on
movies ha ) so we sat down for a few minutes and the son of the mother
and father we were going to teach came running down the road and said
that their neighbod had just commited suicide,, he set off a grenade
inside his house with him inside. this was the father of 1 child and
his wife was away somewhere.

i dont know why it happened, what the concern was or the reason... but
we left nueva era with an empty feeling inside. it was weird to thing
that we were right outside his house for  the last few seconds of his

i only am sharing this because it made me thing of how greatful i am
for the knowledge i have.. for the hope that is in me. for the light
of the gospel... that many people dont have. im very greatful for my
testimony and that i know that no matter how tough life is... itll all
be okay. what a miracle it is that we have that kind of hope and
knowledge... that no matter what happens we are still lifted up
through the truth that through the savior and his atonement and
resurection all our wrongs will be made right and all things in the
end.. if we live the gospel will work out for our benefit. what a

anyways sorry that im the bearer of gloomy news.. but thats what has
been stuck in my mind today.....

love you all very much! elder landeen

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