Monday, January 21, 2013

well everyone hello. i read your letters. and then i looked at the time. so the ones i did respond to and the ones i didnt im sorry ha. next week ill get there earlier.
 as far as how is the work here im still workin hard. its a good thing that the lord doesnt jusge our efforts in an area by the choices of others... but im stilll working hard ha were having some struggles with people getting busy that used to be super legit and all that fun stuff. but it gives you a great chance to go and find other people that want to listen too. 

another one of my mission buddies is going home this week.. and the others are all winding down also. the ones that were 6 weeks (1 cycle) ahead of me when i was new are all going home early which means in about 2 and a half months my batch will be the senior missionaries for a long time. thats kinda cool to think about. rashes are going away (man what a relief) so thats good. as for other things im learning how to cook pretty well im happy about that. im enjoying the work and im super rushed right now so ill be more interesting next week. i love you all ! elder landeen

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