Monday, December 19, 2011

malapit na

well what the kwan where did december go? where did my companion go? where did the sky go?
riner left this week, on wednesday. it was pretty weird for him to leave. i miss the guy but at the same time it is nice to have a change with things. my first companion elder bangal left too. so now its just me and the zone leaders. i find myself in quite a prediciment. i cant figure out if im the zone leaders assistant or the assistant to the zone leaders. ha ha jk. but really it is super confusing right now. not only do we have 2 areas we are working, weve got all the zone leader stuff we have to do, its christmas right next sunday and this week we have zone conference, a christmas decotional the next day, then christmas eve, then christmas. its gonna be tough gettin to our investigators., plus my ward is going on a temple trip starting tonight until thursday so as for finding people to go with me on splits yeah thats not happening yet im not sure what were going to do. we have literally no time for studying cause of the zone leader stuff ha super busy and confusing and stressful but man its nice to be workin my butt off finally im gettin my lazy butt in shape ha.

yestarday the baptisms that happened last week were comfirmed st church. i actually got to comfirm sister lleneta and that was one of my coolest experiences here yet. i hadnt given a blessing in tagalag yet, and when bishop told me i was going to be setting here apart of coulrse i immediately said ok then immediately was like oh crap what am i going to say. but something happened it wasnt someting spectacular but it was a complete miracle in my book. i just knew wat to say, thought after thought in tagalag just came, and man it was seriously like i wasnt the one talking. she started crying and i was shaking so bad i thought i was going to fall over ha but man it was awesome. that was probably the highlight of my week.

as for the baptisms here on the 24 they all had to be moved. because of word of wisdom and sacrament attendance problems. i dono how it is in other countries but here they have special snandards for baptism where they have to have gone to church 4 times consistantly without missing more than 2 times, and have had 4 weeks with no word of wisdom problems at alll. they are perfect standards for here to make sure people will stay active and were not baptising people to go inactive. but they are super hard for example for the paz family, tatay has been coming to church consistantly but they have a 2 month old baby and it was cold and rainy and their ride was a trycycle so they couldnt risk the baby getting sick again cause he was just barely sick, but now because fo that we have to move their baptismal date. bummer but watcha gonna do.

yestarday was an all day splits for me so i was with just a fellowshipper all day and was responsible for all our investigaters at church man it was hard but well god provides. sometimes to be honest i wonder how he is doing it, like yesterday we had one lesson that the investigaters ( it was our first time teaching the tatay and the second to the nanay) they both started crying really bad. their life is super super hard right now a lot of trials. and i dont thing i handled it very well at all a completely blanked and felt like i had just confused them really bad, but they accepted a return appointment and were greatful to have heard the word of god and really nice and i think even thought i am not perfect and i dono what i said maybe they heard something that they really needed to hear. it wont be the first time that i didnt see the whole picture and thats just how it is for us as humans, in isaih it says my ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts. so if i do my best say everything and do everything i can the lord promised hell do the rest and well i believe the promise is true cause if it wasnt noone would ever be converted noones perfect at teaching or anything i guess. busta im greatful for the help the lord gives us as his imperfect servants.

the flooding... there was a flash flood down in mindanou ( very far away from where i am, its actually a different island) but it killed over 80 people 10 or more were members. which is super sad. theres llots of flooding here where i am. theres a typhoon going on right now, theres different classes of them and this one is just basically non stop rain. not even very heavy rain just lasts forever and man its sad to see the damage that happens to these people houses. and even crazier to see how well they deal with it. i guess if thats all you have ever known then thats your reality. well merry christmas everyone mahal ko kayo! things here are great workin hard and excitied for christmas. until next week ingat po!
oh yeah i forgot to tell you i went to mass on saturday! man it was crazy this it the church we went to it was for a funeral of the mother of a member, but they just go to mass and they add some crazy ritual with it for the funeral they have some incense smoking thing they the priest guy lights and swings over the bodies while chanting soething, and well man catholic church is well something else ha they actually had a pretty good sermon about being a good person and what the guy taught wasnt incorrect just all the prayers and rituals are pretty well just what christ said not to do but anyways that happened :) and riner burnt me on the face with his shirt that was on fire. ill tell you that story next week while skyping but yeah so im going to have a scar on my face from now on! yay!

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