Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ano ba iyen

floods, baptisms, and change, nice full week .....

to start it off i wanna tell about one family were teaching the ali ali's ivew talked about them before this is the one thats waiting to get married, so this past week was pretty crazy for them. their house is right on the bank of a little river and they are pretty prone to flooding. they have 2 kids one santino he is like 2 and a half and one girl that is 1 here birthdays actually the same as sophias ha. but anyways the little girl is sick and so is sister ali ali, and it had been r=aining all day and we were worried about flooding. so at about 8 50 we were coming home from our appointment out in saint james and we both were like man do we go see if they need helf what do we do? and so finally we tell the tricee driver that weve gotta stop. its pouring rain and i mean pouring we ran all the way to their house and sure enough they were flooded. luckily the inside only had a little bit in as of then. they diodnt end up needing our help but they were thankful that we came. then... the next day wee came back, tatay was at work and sister was alone there in such a mess. everything was floded. it was knee deep inside her house, man it was just a mess. so we spoent a while helping her organize things at her house and she was planning on going to church on sunday it didnt end up happening but with her if she doesnt come its because she literally cant she is so faithful. the thing that got me the most was here she is in the middle of a flooded house and all the things she was saying was how greatful she is for the gospel and that heavenly father would send the missionaries to make sure they were okay. she was just as happy as ever. so adversity... what is it really ther facts are that crap heppens and we can choose to count our blessings or get upset. am i good at this nope. but man after seein this i wanna be better.

now the baptism part. WE HAD SUCH A GREAT SUNDAY! brother and sister lleneta were baptised, and charley and nomar were baptised. i got to baptise sister lleneta and nomar, and elder riner baptised tatay lleneta and charlie. man what a great experience i like cant even say what it felt like. these are real people choosing to become new and follow christs example cause i coulpe of young kids came to their house and started teaching them about god..... what we do is absolutely crazy.... and absolutely true. man what a world. while we were waiting for their actual baptism there were a couple speakers and stuff i just felt so warm and just well cant even say. its real what were doing i dont understand it but its real. man what an amazing experience.

and for the change..... riner leaves on wednesday. im getting put into a threesome with the zone leaders for sure and we will be working two areas and doing the zone leader fun stuff so im going to be super super busy for the next 4 or five weeks. which is exactly what i want i just hope ill be able to get to everyone that i want to.

theres a new mission corriculum here in the pilippines that starts in january. this is for the whole pilippines. its going to be awesome and this is why they are doing it. this is the church statistics here. theres over 600 000 members in the pilippines and only a little over 100 000 are active. this is absolutely terrible statistics. so many people that made covenants and now arent keeping them. either cause they werent taught right they got offended their records got lost they were baptised by an idiot missionary when they were 10 with no other members in their family ( apparently that has hapopened a lot here ) or a whole list of other reasons. but starting this next year there will be no more tracting as missionaries. no more tao pos. all of our efforts will be on recent converts and less actives. and teaching the referrals that they will hopefully give us. pretty drastic change lol so when i got my mission call and it said you will be doing a lot of work with re activation he wasnt lieing. its going to be great and im excited to see how this new program will be. well mahal kita everyone im going to work on sending pictures! ingat po until next week.

this is the sister ali ali flood.

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