Tuesday, December 6, 2011


sege ... ano ang aking mga bagong balita? garabee talaga hindi ko kaya maisalarawan kung ano nangyari... pero susubukan ako.
ok whats my new news? geeze i cant explain what happened. but i will try.
to start off i gotta tell you about the miracle that happened yesterday. we had 19 investigators come to church. 19!!!! all of our progressing investigators except for two that usually come were at church. man we must be doin something right, or gods doin something behind the scenes cause man it was cool the room we have gospel principles in is now too small for our investigators sonext sunday we will be moving it lol pretty crazy i cant even believe it myself.
other than that it was a pretty normal week we did have something pretty crazy happen to us the other day at our house. it was a brown out ( a black out is for some reason called a brown out here ha ) so we were doing comp study on the porch.. and this young guy and like 11 year old kid walked up and started talking to use. he introduced himself as preacher michael or something like that and he was just being all friendly ( building relationship with trust ) basically he was oyming us he asked if he could come in and talk for a minute he is just waiting for his students to show up for something (not come inside the house but just in the gate) but anyways we just said sure why not. and he was making small talk about how he met the missionaries in belewarte and he knows a little bit about what we do and he was asking how the missionary program works and it was kinda cool that one by one people started showing up. we ended up somehow having like 20 baptists in our front yard lol it got real crazy real fast then they asked us if maybe we had any king james bibles that we hand out to people and we said no but we do have book of mormons and he said yeah ive studied about the book of mormon and we said really? then he said how its part of what they do they like to study about other religions... and cults ha ha ha yeah then we had to leave for our appointments so he asked if we could pray so we said why not so i got my first taste of a baptist prayer . prasie the lord amen! ha anytime he said people liked they added their yes and man it was weird, it almost bothered me the kind of feeling i got there at the end i was like man i hope this isnt how people feel sometimes when we are offoring our message to them! busta it was a fun little experience, very strange though.
we have 4 baptisms this week ! im really excited its my first investigators i get to see baptised. we wont be baptising them lleneta is a mother and father and they are getting baptisded by the member that gave them to the missionaries as a referral ( this guy is a stud with member missionary work ) and the others and 2 kids our age thet their familys are members so they will be baptised by members of their families. wow its really amazing i dont even know what to expect to feel at their baptisms im ecxited though. well im runnin low on time so mahal kita everyone oh yeah about skyping a little more details..
thanks to keving ive got an account all set up. the plan is (and this is subject to change) that we weill be heading to a computer shop monday morning here ( so it will be sometime on christmas night for you ) i should be able to do the whole deal the video and speaking and elder riner said the connection when he did it last year was great so i hope thats the same for this year. ill let you know what the exact times and everything as soon as find out but thats the general plan as of now.
well mahal ko kayo family. have another great week . ingat

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