Sunday, December 4, 2011

deja voo again wowwww.... well this is tough sitting at the computer the week went so fast i dont even remember what happened. ill try to pull all i can out of my memory hopefull this wont be boring. first of all we had 14 investigators at church yesterday! it was so great i thought i was gonna burst of joy. it was 2 of their first times too the pascuals. this is a father and his daughter her name is kitty. both their spouses arent interested as of now but they are progressing so well yesterday i had one of the greatest lessons ive had yet with them. we met them just tao poing ( you dont knock on peoples doors here.. you stand outside the gate and call tao po! which sranslated means basically people are here ha.and its funny sometimes the different responses people give. sometimes people say ano iyon... ( whats that ) or just flat bakit? ( why ) and then just the friendly kumusta is great ) but anyways with tatay he was so like closed when we first met him. he is a member of dating daan which is this weird religion that basically just bible bashes on others they have this preacher guy thats way good with the scriptures and twists them into whatever he wants but anyways his point of view was just i just believe in the bible thats all i need. we taught him the last part of the plan of salvation so from the spirit world to judgement and kingdoms of glory. it was like a lightbulb turned on ! he was just like that has to be true ive always thought about that like theres good people and bad people but what about the just okay people theres a place for them too! they asked so many good questions which is weird for pilipinos cause man they sometimes just dont think about things too hard. but busta it was soo cool and theyre going to be coming to church from now on. just some pilipino culture real quick mariendas are pinakamahalaga here ( the most important ) mariendas are just snacks that they give you and some pop just whatever they have or theyll run to the tindahan real quick (these little stores they have everywhere mostly like attached to peoples houses that have all kinds of food and candy and just smack food ) but anyways the love it they love more than anything to feed you and thats fine with me he. last night we went to this family the dagubans for a dinner appointment and nanay was just so excited about something she couldnt stand it and it turned about to be ice cream for us ( ice cream is pretty expensive here ) she was litterally happier than anyone ive ever seen simply for the fact that she knew we were going to love the ice cream she bought for us. man isnt that something? how excited was i ever to give people food at home or to serve? not that much. maybe thats why shes so happy all the time she knows something i dont. i plan on finding out though.transfers are this week. my companion from the mtc is going to be training a new missionary already ha so is the other kid that stayed in my room elder ziggler. the zl's keep telling me that i wouild have been if riner had left already and that im going to next cycle after were put into a 3 some but i hope theyre lieing cause i dont wanna train yet i still have so much to learn. what ever happens shempre ill do it but well for a lot of reasons i dont really wanna say i dont think i should have any kind of a calling for a while till im ready. id be happy staying a junior forever if i could ha a lot less stress. well time to upload some pictures for you i hope you like them! mahal kita everyone tty next week. elder landeen

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