Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new years

well here it is 2012 lets start the count down to the end of the world! i wouldnt mand bein here on the end of the world cause boy do they know how to put on a firework show.. hands down the coolest fireworks display ive ever seen we sat on our roof and watched and everybody was setting them off everywhere! in every direction non stop it was like a war zone ha we had ashes and stuff raining down on us the whole time. i heard over 500 people got hurt from either fireworks or getting hit by stray bullets. which is crazy but its no wonder the fireworks they have here arent like brand name or anything people man them and sell them themselves ha but they are so cool here. they have stuff ive never seen like fire crackers that you lite like a match, strike on box. and theyre twice as powerful ha, but yeah new years here was great.
as for the rest of the week im super sick right now but we had s pretty successful week. im not sure what to even write ha because i just talked to you last week. my investigators are doing good tetay lleneta bore his testimony yesterday for the first time he was super nervous but did a great job. all of our baptismal dates have been moved to february. i really hope they dont have to be moved again. its kinda hard seeing people make dumb little decisions with big consequences i never really appreciated how much of a difference to our lives little choices make i mean just one shot of gsm ( alcohol here ) means you cant be baptised for another 4 weeks, such a simple thing with such big consequences. sorry this is kinda short but my heads spinning ha so i cant really focus on what to say. well ill talk to you all next week im gona upload some pictures for you mahal kita elder landeen

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