Monday, November 21, 2011

anoooother week

hey so i had a whole bunch of cool pictures to send home but the card reader at the computer shop had a virus or something so its not working. bummer.... but i do just have a few quick updates for you all.

first off filipino culture. pilipinos love big noses. not a day has gone by without someone telling me my nose is big or my nose is pointy. strange enough this is actually a compliment! ha ha who woulda thought they loove it here!
they also like it when your bigger too almost fat ha im not quite sure why with that one but busta the culture here is just speak your mind. if your thinking someones nose is big or their fat or handsome or ugly you just tell them to their face and its just like its a fact.
they also all try to get more maputi or they like their skin to be as light as they can get it. they use soap with whiteners in it and always have umbrellas to keep the sun off. its funny cause us white guys are always trying to get more tan.

i ran into a guy from california at mcdonalds the other day. he started talking to us he has been here 7 months speaks no tagalag and has spent over 1000000 pesos gambling and has nothing to show for it. i didnt have a english book of mormon unfortunately and none of the other elders were really concerned about mayybe helping him change so ive got an english one in my backpack always in case we run back into him somehow.

we have 11 investigatirs with baptismal dates! two families and to that are part members. the one family isnt the complete family cause their oldest 2 dont live at home but i think some day they will all be members they are a super strong family and will be great members. they are the paz family and man i love them. next we have the lleneta family ( i will send pictures of thema ll next week ) which is the parents, their son and his wife and another son ( the others are too young to be baptised) but they are super excited about it too. all and all we had 13 investigators at church and others will be there next week our goal is 20 and it really possible im gonna work my butt of to make sure it happens.

we had a way fun family home evening fireside this past saturday. its something the stake is starting every saturday they are having a fireside at the home of one of our investigators or a member and its a great way for them to feel a part of the ward. ill send pictures of that too next week after i buy a card reader.

well my times up thank you everyone for your love and your all in my prayers. one thing about the cauayan mission i thought i would share and these are the words of my mission president

the cauayan mission is the working mans mision. its the only mission in the pilipines without any resorts or beaches, but there are plenty of bukids ( rice fields) which are literally everywhere and plenty of baptisms. he said and i think hes kinda biass cause well hes the mission president here but they only call the hard workers here cause theres none of all that fun p day stuff to do here busta (anyways/just because) im glad to be in a mission thats called the working mans mision. elder riner said that its the armpit of the pillipines and to be quite honest it does smell bad a lot cause theres a lot of polution and pigs and carabou (water buffalo) and animals runnin around everywhere and cockroaches and huge spiders ( there was one in our house as big as my hand on tuesday) send that picture next week but with all that aside its the best place ever. the people are so poor and so happy. they admit life is hard and believe in christ, which is why i think im havin so much success cause for the most part theyre humble. ( again depends on the person theres some rich jerks here too ) but cauayan mission is definately the right place for me to be right now. your all in my prayers especially those of you who are having trails in your life ( alison especially your always in my prayers ) mahal kita and until next week ingat po

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