Monday, November 7, 2011

another week

man its deja voo back in the computer shop again a lot to say but kulang (lacking) the words to explain!
first off im pretty sure the caugh is allergy related the medicine i was taking helped it a lot but now that i ran out its gotten bad again. so i think i will have to go back and get some more.
things here in santiago are greaaaat we had some reaaally crazy experiences happen this week . first off we went to a place that we hadnt been to before called bagong buhay ( which translated means new life ) but anyways we went finding or tracting there and man these people are poor. but in this little area they have little puroks or like villages of houses in groups, and then a ways down the road there will be another group of houses and so on. we went into one of these villages and oym (offered our message) to these two guys and ansked if we could teach them and they said sure one second and they got THE WHOLE VILLAGE ! ha ha we taugh a lesson to serously about fifty people. and they were receptive. it was nuts i felt like it was straite out of the book of mormon or something preaching to a congregation of people like alma does in chaoter 32. they want accepted a return appotinment and everything man that would be so cool if they all accepted the gospel a total miracle.
so mom you asked me to tell you about my area and where i live... my zone is the santiago zone, and this is because of the city santiago in the middle. its a pretty big city and they have basically everything we need here. this is the city that has the best taylors to get clothes made and well yeah just abut everything. weve got a mcdonalds and chow king and jolly b, and this place called k max that we go to a lot that is soooo good. in my area the places we go to are baptista village ( this is where our house is) , mabini, sa pangpali, saranai, st james (this place is pretty big) devasoria, bagong buhay, and some others i havent been to yet. we hae to take a tricee ( if you dont know what these are look them up online they are motorcycles with side cars on them and they are EVERYWHERE. im basically wet at least part of everyday its so normail to wake up to sunshine and then by4:00 its just pouring. its kinda crappy ha but its whatever by now.
about some of the people im teaching...
start off with leneta family. starting here because they have a baptismal date ! december 10th and the mom and dad, daughter and her husband, the eight year old son will all be baptised. they come to church and all have testimonies. man its soo cool. so ok this is a mircale talaga (really) but if all goes well, december 10th will be a day to remember.
robles family, which is a mom dad and daughter ( theres a soin but hes not 8) if tatay (the dad ) can stop drinking they will all be baptised on that day too. theres ali ali the couple that is trying to get maried they have two young kids ,1 year and 2 and a half, if they can get married they will be baptised on that day ( they have solid testimonies also ) theres the pas family, which is a family of 8 kids, 5 that are old enough to be baptised, the oldest hasnt been in our lessons yet but everyone olse is progressing really great and im pretty sure they will be ready by then too. theres the gawans, which is 3 girls, the moms a member and the dad is also a meber but he lives in america theyre just waiting for him to come back so he can baptise them, and theres the deguseman family. a husband and wife their kids arent old enough to be baptised but they are starting to progress really well and they are definately coming to church next week so wow we could have a lot of baptisms next month! wouldnt that just be amazing. not to mention the people in bagong buhay if they start progressiong..... wow!
i dono how im spoiled but i got to go to the mission home today again ha we all went "trick or treating" ha we all dressed up ion goofy costumes and went and got to eat hamburgers and watch forever strong ( if you havent seen this show you should watch it its sooo good) ill send you the pictures as soon as i get them i didnt get any on my camera, i dress up as a jew ha i had a yamaka and a preyer shawl ha kinda bastos but it was super fun. well anyways im gopnna try and upload some picters so this is all for the news i love you all and ill talk to you next week, elder landeen

so these pictures, the guy in the green, he is beyond drunk ha i was on exchanges with elder kelson when we ran into him, that is our fridge after a week without power, that big group of people was about 3/4 the people we taught in bagong buhay the rest of the adults didnt want in the picture, thats a spider we killed in our house, they get a lot bigger than that, thats me and elder riner my follow up trainer, step dad ha i dono what he is actually. and thats just a really cool picture of the sky.

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