Monday, October 24, 2011

another quick week

well kuummmuuuussssttttaaaaaaa everyone how is life in the us? i heard something about obama buying everyones junk cares or something? sounds like hes just as stupid as he was before ha ha .
but about life here......
this hapened last week i cant remember if i shared it or not but the stake im in the santiago stake split into two different stakes. which is kind of a big deal here ha it was pretty exciting we had to members of the seventy i cant remember their names but they were here to conduct that business and that was cool. of course they spoke in english so probably nobody really understood but everyone loves it when white people are here so it was still great.
this last sunday we had 8 of our investigators come to church! we are currently teaching 4 whole families that are progressing and gaining their testimonies, one who is only waiting for the opportunity to marry so they can be baptised, and well its just awesome when someone says they feel like its true when they pray about it, its almost like wait really? its so cool. theres one i wanna talk about...
his name is brother robeless hes a tricee driver, elder riner had been teaching his family before i got here then i got here and he just wasnt progressing, we had a few good lessons but man he just is so bastos ( liike bad or naughty kinda lol hard to explain this word) but anyways he is an alcoholic hes obsessed with girls and he well he just has lots of temptations. we taught him about the book of mormon again and we asked him to read when he wanted to drink and then we came back the next day and he was drinking again, discouraging but i have a lotta faith in him. then we had another lesson and he told us that he was reading the book of mormon and he said with his hand in the air "swear to god" i felt peacefull. which is something you can recognize when you live in a lifestyle void of peace. and then he came to church finally! im so excited for him i hope so much that he can stay strong.
today has been such a fun p day we came down here to cauayan and played football with a whole bunch of elders and then went to the mission home for elder riners birthday (my companion0 and a couple others birthdays. oh my we had enchaladas and mexican food was the greatest thing in the world! soooooo good after so much rice and the same food all the time ha i love filipino food but man this was good, and eating it in air conditionoed mission home after a shower with water you could change the temperature on and get this is didnt even wear sandals in the shower. that was the best part. i do miss the bucket showers outside in lamut, but this was definately a nice change.
as for the cough the docter prescribed allergy medicine that ive been taking and its seemed to help it its still not gone but it has improved so iim gonna count this one as a win.
i did recieve my package and oh my reeses fast breaks are the best thing since water. just candy from america man sooo good. and those vitamins taste like candy too and are good for me. two birds with one stone there! thanks for the work you put into the stuff on my ipod hearing comference again has definately been a blessing.
ano pa... oh yeah one thing i wanted to share that they do here with all the rice that they grow here which is a rediculous ammount and the corn too, when they harvest it and dry it, what they do is just spread it out on the ground to dry. like on the main roads on the streets where people drive and walk and dogs are and other am\nimals and people are all over it, and then eventually we eat it...? hmmm kinda weird ha so basically this is my mentality. ive just acceted things arent sanitary for me to eat and i just hope i dont get sick ha.
things for me are definately going great. the works going good and im dead tired when i come home so iven though key indicators arent always as high as i want them to be i am still working hard so its all gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, well hanggang (until) next week mahal kita elder landeen

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