Wednesday, November 16, 2011

p day???

garaaaaaaaabe p day talaga? saan pumunta ang oras ko?
news for the week.....
we had 10 investigators go to church yesterday it was great the church sttendance went down because there was a huge boxing match during church ha and we all know how important the match is right? we have a goal for 20 at church next week and i really think its possible im really excited. we have ten investigators with baptismail dates! 2 on december 10 and 8 on december 24! MAN IM SO EXCITED and we have others taht are progressing talaga so hopefully if things will work out these people will be ready to be baptised in a month ! man i dono how i deserve so much of a blessing to have such a kind and open hearted people to be around pilipinos are almost too nice and too kind. i dono how they do it. and they arent shy abouot it either ha whenever i say salamat po mabait ka talaga ( thanks your so nice ) i get a lont speach on how nice people are in the pillipines ha it just makes me laugh.

so we have an american that l;ives in our ward and he just got called to be elders corrum president. he is a verrrry different kind of person and he speaks very very little tagalag but im excited because hes very serious about his calling. it was a kinda weird experience having him teach ha but those the lord calls he qualifies right?

i went on splits with brother francis yesterday, probably one of my favorite experiences here yet wow god has been answering prayers right and left for me its crazy! francis is the brother of the branch mission leader from lamut so i know his family (well kinds after three weeks you can only know someone so well ) but he is a reterned missionary so he knew what was going on and it just was all around a good experience. elder riner was worried i think. he took all the important lessons cause he only really trusts himself which his heart is in the right place hes just thinking about our investigators but i wont lie its pretty trying on my patience but i was able to teach with francis a couple really great lessons and i was super excited about that because it was the first time i was responsible for the lesson and where we were going and all that jazz and just like the promise says i was given what i needed to say. i dont think i have ever taught as clearly as i did yestewrday yet so i am super thankful for prayer right now for sure.

man im slow at typing... one pagsubok of mine is knowing which people that i need to talk to. when your walking around and theres tons of people everywhere or theres an opportunity to oym someone how do you choose which to talk to or if theres someone else your looking for etc... opening an area before we basically talked to everyone. bangal was a pilipino and a great missionary and his idea was you talk to everyone wherever you are. riner though has a different idea he likes to walk fast and go house to house very very seldomly do we oym people on the street. so for me i can see the point of both sides cvause if you are at someones house you know where they live and know theyre in your ares but if you dont talk to people on the street you could pass opportunities. ah the joys of a companionship ha man who wants to get married this is hard ha ha just kidding.

just finished the book of mormon that i started a couple weeks into the mtc and its once again amazed me how amazing it all is. riner just turned 21 and thats how old joseph was when he got the plates right? so anyone who says joseph wrote it thats 21 years old needs to think to themself how in the world could you do that or even come up with half the stuff in the ammount of time or even any ammount of time for that matter, not to mention all the persecution and all the lost manuscript pages and everything. if u read it then elder hollands words are perfect. no wicked man could write it, and no good man would unles it was true and god told him too. what other book projects the gospel in so clear of terms? i love the bible too shempre and we do basically all of our teaching out of the bible cause well thats wat riner finds best but the book of mormon just boosts your testimony of the bible when you read it. busta ang layunin ko is the book of mormon is astig and anyone who wants to prove it false,,, good luck but make sure you read it first so you know what your talking about.

i feel a little like elder holland lately i almost wanna start yellin at people like he does and tell them they needa read it! man so simple everythings so simple.

well thats it now that ive done my preaching for the week i needa try to write a few other letters so mahal kita and ill tty next week. elder landeen

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