Monday, November 7, 2011

kamusta kayo? shempre ayos dito, as always i donot know where to start but lets see how this goes,,,,
at ito ay nangyari na.. malakas na ulan. umuulan para sa buon lingo, at araw araw kapag babalik kami sa bahay namin basa. nababasa talaga!

and it came to pass.. the strong rain. its been raining for the whole week. every day when we come back to hour house were wet, were really wet ha its weird translating but anyways its basically been raining for a whole week. it stops occasionally but i finally know what forest gump was talking about when he said "it started to rain"

as for the purok that we taught, every time we came back because it was raining we werent able to teach everyone because we have to teach them outside their houses are tiny. but... when i was on splits in the zone leaders area elder riner and elder thomas went back to bagong buhay (this is where they are) they found another huge congregation to teach ha and its almost just as big.

these people are almost pure ilocano, luckily they speak basic tagalag so i can still talk to them but since they are way out away from the city in the middle of the bukids( rice fields ) they are ilocano talaga ( they speak ilocano and are native to this area) but anyways they are aactually legit investigators they want to come to church next week and they well some of them kept their reading assignment ( which means they werent just bein nice by listening to us which can happen quite a lot ) that was pretty cool im excited to see what happens with that.

we had 7 investigators come to church this week 2 for their first time! edwin paz was one of their names and his family would have come too but his wife, just had a baby and she / they have weird traditions here where they cant leave the house for a few weeks after, and his kids had to stay home because their house was being flooded because of all the rain ( this is still shocking to me, it sounds like the worst thing in the world to have your house flooded, which shempre it would suck but its just a part of life here.. ) its pretty normal for some of our investigators to have up to 3 feet of water in their house when theres a baugio (typhoon) and its just the way it is ha. but anyways he comitted and he came lookin guapo in his nicest clothes ( some sweet shoes that were like orange blue and white, a pair of jeans and a old polo ) and he loved it. man fast and testimony meeting is very different here.. because the stake got split there were a lot of new callings and that was basically everyones testimony.. that they are thankful for their callings ha the bishop even said congratulations to all of you who have new callings.. its like its prestigious or something ha but whatever their country who am i to judge.

my companion leaves on december 14 for home and as much as he doesnt want to admit it hes kinda getting trunky. but he shows it in a different way than most elders do. he shows it by when we are in lessons he needs to talk 3/4 or more of the time like he wants to teach as much as he can before he leaves. i really am staring to understand how this is preparing us for marriage because sometimes no matter what the reality is your just gonna loose the battle so you just deal with it and try to love them. hes a really good elder but well hes just been here too long and likes being in control and isnt very willing to give in to other ideas . like an old catholic thats set in his ways if you ask me ha ha i love the guy though dont get me wrong but well it will just be good if i can get a companion that doesnt feel like he has to run everything all the time.

other things that happened... splits with elder valdez was a lot of fun man people here always try to pawn their kids off on you, we had a lesson from a referral, and right off the bat the step dad told us that hes been to prison ( they later found out it was cause he uused to kill people but anyways ) the mom after the lesson was makin fun of me big time ( just tryin to get us to laugh) she was asking if i cry at nights because i miss my mom ha and then she went off on how her daughters 9 that were sitting right by us ) are looking for american boys and we should take them with us when we go back to america. they dont waiste time beating around the bush at all straite to it ha ha.

all in all another great week love it here having a blast and learning lots bein obedient tryin to hold the rod and teach people the same. love you all talaga and talk to you next week, and ill send some pictures here in a sec, mahal kita, ingat!

this is me in native warrior armor at banaui, me with a really drunk guy at a birthday party, this is me and elder valdez ( hes from utah too hes one of the zone leaders, and elder riner with elder thomas the other zone leader oh yeah i forgot i finally ate dog! this is my fiorst bite of dog, and i ate blood soup stuff too it was kinda gross but the dog was way good. thats our chirch, that last one was a family home evening game we were playing that was way fun. and just a few others ha i made a new goal to take more pictures so i will make sur to do this so you can see more of whats going on here and what its like. and sometime im gonna buy some flash drives and copy all my pictures onto them and send them in the mail.

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