Monday, September 26, 2011

okay here we go-----
how is ereryone i hope that everything is as well as it sounds like it is from your emails! happy birthday natalie and i wasnt even going to forget it ea\ither ha. proud of me?
things are mahirap (hard) here as im getting more used to being here. but still amazing. i havent been able to be in my area very much this week because i went on splits with the zone leaders in bambang and elder bangal is the district leader so we have been going to baptisms and zone conference was on tuesday too haa haa very busy and not busy at the same time.
i havent been feeling like ive beenable to work hard. i dono wat to do really i didnt realize napping was such a big part of a mission for some people lol. i dont wanna do this but ive gotta tell this story its hindi mabuti but i might as well get it out. we were doing our weakly planning in our room and the other two elders i dono what happened but they went crazy and got in a fight broke some chairs and i was honestly worried one would end up seriously hurt or dead. lets just say philipinos are like polynesians i guess the most kind and loving people you meetbut when mad bad things happen. we had to hide all the knives and anything that could be used as a weapon. it was pretty crazy llol and for some reason we didnt report it.. i dono why but now theyre just fine again ha hopefully that doesnt happen again.
but for lamut.....
i dont actually live in lamut ha my house is in bagabag we have to take a jeepnee to and from our area every day. thats part of the problem with not being in my area is the jeepnees end at seven at night so we have to leave early. but its been good the times we have been out there. we had a few really great lessons and we are teaching a family where the mom sister joy gamboa is inactive member and the rest (there are three kids) and the father are not members but arer all so nice. its hard for manuel (the dad) cause he has been hiding when we come but we had a really good lesswon about prayer last night and hopefully he will stick around now.
everyone here belives in christ whether they show it or not everyone will at least say they bel;ieve and after coming from america where well i guess its not terrible but a lot of people dont believe in god, i havent met one athiest. and only one muslim ha. but generally all believe and i think that is so amazing. problem is they arent sure what it means to believe and frollow him. but most have a genuine desire. id have to say amos put it best cause they dont know where to find it.
there was one guy his name is romey we were walkiing down the road and he just said hey how bout you come teach me and maybe you can help me change. just like that. the lesson was very interesting. im pretty sure he was drunk or high on something but nevertheless his intent seemed gwnuine. his nanay(mother) is a very devoted catholic and during our lesson he grabbed the crucifix they had and started explaining it because when we prayed at the begionning of our lesson he didnt understand how if we are christians we didnt do the cross thing in our prayer. then he went and got coffee and sasked if he could drink it and then just said sorry and put it back and shook our hands again ha ha. he was funny but nice and his nanay was very faithful and it ended up being a great lesson.
so one more things..
ugh i hate complaining but oh well elder bangal just told me the other day he only read his handbook once his whole mission and as far as rules more than happy to just not worry about it. which is hard when its the trainer ha and district leader. he is an amazing teacher and hard worker... when were in lamut but at home ha study......not. the new program for missionary training is two hours of companion study unstead of one and i think we have had maybe two hours my whole time here. and i dono how the bill is going to happen. ive heard out of money from the other elders quite a few times and dont worry about it but ive heard from the older american elders that theres a terndancy to blow money and just leave it to the americans to take care of the slack. im not sure how to ahandle it because i dont think its even intentional but i cant get a straite answer about it and its kinda worrying me. but i guess ill figure it out some time right.
ive been getting so many itchy bumps that well im just gona assume there but bites cause there is bugs on everything.. or theres something werong with me but im gona say no to that one. still have a caugh and the members are worried cause ive had it since i got here so keep the prayer a coming hopefully it will go away soon.
im happy here i love the culture the people are sooooooo nice i went to a family day thing on saturday while i was on splits, and it was a service project where after we went back to the church and had food and i guess we were supposed to bring our own rice or something i dono but anyways i asked a nanay (thats what you a\call older ladies here) where i can find a polate and she just took off the lid to her baby wipes filled it with food and gave me her spoon and a tupperware of rice ha ha i had no idea what was goiing on but i can never refune a nanay thats a bad idea ha so im greatful that the people here are so loving.

anyways im runnin out of time and if i dont say lets go we will be here in the computer shop for hours so i guess thats it for the week. im great and i miss you all but not too much ha ha jk. jonathan email me quit bein lazy ha you cant be thaaaaat busy.
as for things to be send in a package... maybe add some recipis of foods a could cook they all want american food but i dono how to cook anything other than breakfast burritos./ and theres not really the right ingridients for that. milk and dairy is super expensive here. just send the same kinds of stuff as before maybe more chocolate stuff reeces fast beaks and if you can find my idod send it i cant remember where i put it. just delete anything that you wouldnt listen to dad ha like any of the rap stuff and then send it if you would that would be sooo greeat! other than that i think im just great here. im gettin a christmas package ready and i think shipping it will bankrupt me bangal said for 10 kilos its about 100 dollars to ship so i dono how much it will be for less but either way this maybe will be the only package i send and will bring the rest of the stuff home when i leave. im super excited for you to get it im pretty sure you will ass really like what you find.
well until next week. mahal na mahal kita talaga ! ingat po kayo! elder landeen

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