Monday, October 3, 2011

crazzzzzzzy week

kamuuuusta everyone kamusta ang buhay sa america? things hhere are pretty crazy here in case you havent been watching the news..... weve had 2 typhoons in the past week. and wow i thought i knew what a storm was. weve had a brown out for a week now so no electricity thats been fun :) i feel so bad for the people here theres quite a bit of damage. actually ive got some stories to tell you..
the day after the first one we went out to lamut and elder bangal and i both felt like we shuld go see how tatay clarito was doing. when we got to his house..... it wasnt much of a house anymore his roof was gone and some walls were fallen down and he wasnt home at the time it actually was pretty cool because there was a man there who had been baptized about 30 years ago his wife is iglesia ni cristo ( a very very bad church here you should look it up ha theyre crazy) and she burned his book of mormon a long time ago. so we got him excited about going back to church and getting a new bom. he actually asked if we would bring him one! that was cool. when tatay clarito got there he was just fine its just part of life here to have your whole house destroyed in typhoons which is hard to comprehend but everyone is still so happy!!!! garabee i dono how they do it. i guess im pretty happy too but i didnt just loose my house so yeah.ha it was kinda funny we woke up one day and basically all the neighbors were washing their clothes and taking baths in our front yard because their water wasnt working. i thought that was kinda funny they made themselves right at home.
but anyways we apparently have 2 maybe three more on the way so it should be another exciting week!
oh yeah i got transfered already after juust three weeks i am already with my follow up trainer????? my new zone is santiago and my companion is elder riner. i live in a house of 4 again and all americans! its definately a change of pace. we actually had study time and wow it just feels super different. i liked it befor a lot but i wont lie its kinda nice not to be the only one not laughing at the jokes they make about you and wont tell you what they are. i miss the pople in lamut and i didnt get to say goodbye to them so maybe sometime down the road ill be able to return.
elder riner just got released from being the zone leader here not the other two elders in our house are the zone leaders. so i am going to be able to learn how to do all that fun stuff cause im always around it.
things here are fantastic as ever, oh yeah i went to the doctors cause i still have a really bad caugh and they took blood and told me i have dangae which is a bad virus you get from mesquitos. and i have a million mesquito bites so it would be possible but im not convinced thats true. they gave me antibiotivs for the phlem and vitamin c pills and some kinda stuff like mucinex. if you send a package again send me some vitamin c pills or something and different kind of caugh medicine or stuff like mucinex that would be great if i could go a little without caughing!
hmmm what else... oh yeah i wanted to mention this and im not talking bad or anything its just the truth. this place is like sadam and gumorrah with how normal it is for people to be gay. there are so many and ah its so sad.
ive been getting a lot of hey joe's here in santiago way more than i did in lamut. ssantiago is a pretty big city they actually have a place we can take our laundry to!!!! other than garments of course but im excited about that. washing by hand is so time consuming and such a pain.
in the santiago ward 3 (which is the ward im assigned to) the ward mission leader is actually the brother of the branch mission leader in lamut bagabag branch where i just came from and the day that i got here and met him i actually had a dinner appointment at his house that night if i was still in lamuthe (well his parents house but he was going to be there)
hmm i dono what else to say ha so much has happened im kinda without words. oh yeah something you probably didnt know dear elder still works for me for free here so if you would let people know that they can just dear elder me if they want then that is still available and then i can make sure to reply back.
well i miss all of you thanks for everything and i will talk to you in a week! mahal kita! elder landeen

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