Thursday, September 8, 2011

I got a call from Allen yesterday afternoon at about 5 pm. I got to talk a minute to his mission president - who sounds fabulous! - and to Allen, too. He also sounded well. His mission president said he always has the missionaries call their moms so they know their kids arrived safely. It was 7 am in the Philippines! Allen said they got to go through the temple in Manilla and spent the evening in the mission home there and then at 8 pm caught a bus that drove all night to get to his mission. Quite an adventure, it sounds like!
He sounded well and excited to be there. I didn't think about asking him what his pday was but I don't know if he would have known at that point in time. When we hear from him I will forward the email. Thanks for all you have done to support him this far. He mentioned when we talked to him Monday how much he appreciated all the support he had from all of you.
Love you!

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