Sunday, September 4, 2011

kumusta pamilya ko, sobrang crazy talaga that its in field orientation and i leave on monday! i think? ( ill explain why i think ) i dont even know where to start. first off thank you so much mom for sending tomale that camera i had no idea he asked for one! isnt tonggan culture ..... different? i doubt he told you why he needed one.. his friend that came from tonga the other week didnt have a camera and so tomale just gave him his. isnt that just well crazy? its like definately a new world i havent been in but i have to say i really like it. he takes whatever he wants i take whatever i want and its not weird never thought id see the day! but i have a story for you....
here it is last p day ha its super crazy and i dono where to start i guess ill start with the craziest thing first.
so theres an elder in my room that had been dealing with this rash for a while and was still dealing with it when he entered the mtc- and about a month into the mtc he informed us that he has scabies and if any of us get them hes sorry and they dont show up until a little after a month so we wont even know if we have them for a little while still. as you can assume i started to worry about it but i was alright for a while until one day i had a bump on my knee that was getting bigger and bigger and was really sore that was to my knowledge an ingrown hair- so i decided i was going to pop it because i was hurting when i kneeled and just bothering me and i tried and it kinda went down but i realized that it was red for a while and the next day on my other leg i becan to start itching kinda bad  and it started to appear that i had something showing up there, and then eventually another one came up on the back of my leg and as you can probbably assume again it really started to worry me. then when i got my second round of being sick i was laying in my bed during gym i think because i had super hot (the thermometer i brought doesnt work so i dono what my temperature really was) but anyways i woke up and staerted caughing and had to go throw up, and to my great surprise when i looked there just had to be blood in it. so as you can assume again my stress level went skyrocketing again seeing as how it was tuesday night and im going to a different county in a very short ammount of days- so i went to the docter and got an appointment fot the next day. when i went to the doctor he told me the blood is just something that can happen sometimes especially when you have been caughing but then he told me that i should not ever pop in grown hairs because theyre bacterial infections and when you try to pop them it can make that spread to other parts of the body so thats probably what the little rashes are and not scabies because scabies would be showing up in the webs of fingers, armpits and groin area . so he said what was happening was called faliculitis or something and gave me antibiotics to take care of it.... so then the fun began. apparently among other things a have acquired an allergy to penacillin since ive been hare! a broke out in a bad rash all over and it just so happened the place it was the worst was my armpits and my groin. so again as you can assume i thought oh great the antibiotics have made the scabies come out and well the mind spiral kept going from there ha. lots of great fun. so anyways went back to the docter he gave me a new antibiotic and i dono about it i feel like sick from it and i dono if thats just the way it is because im already sick or what but basically what it boils down to is theres a possibility that i dont head out on monday depending on how things turn out by sunday and if im doing better health wise. mix that up with the anxiety of leaving to another country and as you can assume again its been an extremly exciting week!
well now that thats off my chest.... ill talk about some good things.
one of the things i will miss the most about being here is brother welch (and in case you get this email brother welch hows it going) he has definately been an angel here to bear me up. its amazing how much the trials we go through and how we CHOOSE to deal with them determines the kind of person we will become.
oh before i run out of time, i plan on calling at about five o clock california time so that makes it 400 at home i think... but i dono how things will work out so expect it to be any time but if all goes well it will be at around that time. i will definately try and call right before i leave for china to see if kevin is home too. im the travel leader for our group and i really have no idea whats goiing on so pray that all goes well!
i wish i had more amail time! ah maybe ill get back on tomorrow during my all day p day to finish cause theres a lot to say but heres my final thoughts t minus 60 seconds.
somehow the lord has given me tender mercies of feeling the spirit or bearing a strong testimony right at the time he felt i needed it not when i felt like it or wanted but when i did. out of time mahal kita elder landeen

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