Monday, September 19, 2011

sorry po for it being so late i just got back from benaue rice terraces! wow how incredible were they i cant even explain how beautiful it was there. they are apparently around 2000 years old so lots of work went into building them. so i got some pictures i cant send them right now because i dont have a v\card reader with me but i didnt get very many goot pictures of the good terraces because of coure\se my camera died befor i could. but look at them online and see how incredible they are. we also hiked to a huge waterfall man ive never climbed so many stairs in my life.i have jelly legs like lone peak ha but ayos lang kasi it was so beautiful there.
so this past week... i think i derfinately have got something wrong with my health. i still have this caugh and its getting worse i thing its been waking me up at night, and i still have something going on with my skin ive been getting itchy rash things poppin up all over so maybe i am going to the doctor sometime this week. but surprisingly im not really too worried about it im not sure how cause if i was in the mtc i would be freaking out right now. i guess the lord really does lighten the load on our backs.
my area is honestly pretty difficult i had my first experience with we dont like your message, it was weird i didnt know what to do ha. sunday was especially hard because two out of our five appointments werent home, one said she doesnt like it and no actually three werent there. but we were able to meet with less active families and hopefully have a family home evening with them later so that was great. im getting hopefully better with my tracting im gettin more comffortable woth taking myself and ive even taught some lessons in complete tegalag that is fun ive realized the only way i can be affective is if i dont think and only li\sten to what they are saying. if i do that and rely on the lord to give me in the hour i need it what to say somehow he actually does.i usually walk away thinkking wow what did you even say in there but sometimes i know that it was the spirit and it feels so good when that happens. sorry for bad spelling tryiong to type fast.
there is a looooooot of ilocano speaking here so im definately going to learn ilocano also ive picked up w\a few phrases. it sounds honestly so crazy ive never heard a crazier language. im kinda excited to be able to speak it.
its weird the things that are becoming normal to me. i saw a hunband,wife,daughter,and baby all piled onto a motorcycle without helmets yesterday (noone wears helmets really) , i road all the way to benaue on the top of a jeepnee and it was just .... normal ha we had 6 people pined in and on a tricee going to solano for a baptism on saturday ( elder bangal is the district leader so we have to go and do things for others a lot) so as for time spent in lamut its getting kinda hard because the jeepnees we take to get home all end at 7:00. and district leader stuff and new program for missionaries thats hard to get into its been mahirap ( hard ) but its also been sooooooo great i cant believe how great this is even without very many people that care about what we say. mostly well amost completely so far its in one ear out the other. we have one nanay, nanay dorin that we gave a book of mormon and commited her to reading she seems excited so im hoping t\she actually reads am\nd prays! cause walang tanont, walang sagot ha ha (without a question, without an answer)
im havin kinda a hard time with just a few cultural things here that conflict with mission and just well i dono. like some of the toher elders walk around outside in their garments and have people over to eat they stay outside but im not sure if theres really a difference... but the garment thing kinda bothers me so i think i will talk about it. i love the culture here so much. just some of the culture i think conflicts with missionary standards and when im trying to fit into the culture causer i live with 3 pilipinos and also treying to be as obedient as i can its kinda hard to choose which things are just gonna have to be accepted. kung may advice si brother welch gusto ko para sa iyo ibabahagi sa akin, maraming salamat po ha.
so mom im glad to hear school is going good and thats so funny that sophia is a little mechanic. i can just imagine how helpful she is! while i was at benaue i was thinking about when you said in your mission when you starting visiting the different churches and learning about their history you really started to love the people and i now know at least a little of what that means. so thank you for that advice. :)
dad i am glad things with choir are going good , and ha ha muhammad did email me it was kinda funny cause he did keep it super short. just how w\are you is it boring there ha ha. so im actually not suppiosed to email anyone but you guys but i can include him in this email and he can be free to respond. its weird i was explained that people can respond to what i add to the letter thats forwared but im not supposed to respond directly to them. but at least i get to emailso im not complaining.
but say to him its not boring at all i love it here i miss him and go to church ha ha. hope things are well with work at merit tell everyone hi for me.
i cant believe its two weeks in time goes crazy fast its kinda scary but i guess thats how you know your working hard is if the sun going down is the last thing you want to happen cause that means your out of time to teach.
i miss you all jonathan you should write me an email and tell me whats up with life im, im trying to find something for you for christmas and if i can find it by then your gonna like it.
kevin i dono whats up with you either so shoot me an email too so i can keep caught up. and just a heads up if i acci\dently forget to say heppy birthday forgive me i alrady forgot dads ha but hopefully i wont for the rest of you.
mahal na mahal kita talaga and miss you all . take care, and ingat po kayo

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