Wednesday, August 31, 2011

kamusta po kayo mga pamilya ko? kailangan ko kausamin sa inyo tungkol sa marami mga bagay na hindi ko alam kung saan magsimula! pero i guess ill start right here.
another week gone? ah! its gone so fast i dono what happened.
anxiety is getting better and thats good im eating a lot beter, the temple breakfast is sooo good compaired to the cafeteria food here ha but food is food right?
a couple updates, i should be getting flight plans today, so what i will do is mail them home and have you make a copy of them so well have them for the scrap book, i will be printing some pictures today so sorry i havent sent any i just have been lazy i guess.
weve had a lot of changes in our teachers, our regular teachers are brother welsch, brother day, and sister sorensen, and sister sorensen is done on saturday cause shes going to nursing school, and brothers day and welsch cant both work full time in two districts so we only have brother day now, and a new teacher sister ball. i dont really like the idea of new teacher right at the end but i guess i needa get used to change a lot right? i just have gotten pretty close with brother welsch and its a bummer cause hes a great teacher.
i had a few way cool experiences this week!
on thursday i got to host the new missionaries as you know mom and that was a lot of fun. i spent most of my time just greeting the families and telling moms its going to be alright there was one mom that chased her son all the way to the wilfred woodruff building because he "forgot a cd" whach i dono why hed need one but i think she was just havin a hard time lettion go. it made me laugh a little.
tagalag is either coming or im just not caring about how slow progress is cause i can speak pretty well in my lessons, i dont speak correctly by any means and im pretty sure ive never conjugated the verbs right, but oh well! ive got the first visoins, missionary purpose, baptismal commitment, and james 1 5 all memorized in tagalag and man that took forever!
i get to be an usher for the coming devotional that will be sweet! im hoping its someone from the twelve cause its our last devotional. i also got to bless the sacrament on sunday and that was a great experience too.
so elder tomale got a letter from his family and his father is really sick. he was very upset about it and i dono how this worked up but through prayer, the promptings of the spirit a priesthood blessing the scriptures and a hymn in tagalag we turned tears and pain into smiles hope and one of the greatest spiritual experiences ive had. its really humbling to think that got will work through us to answer uther peoples prayers. it makes me want to better every day that perhaps i can always be used in that way.
there was also an experience i had with our zone leader elder johnson. once again through the promptings of the spirit anger towards his dad, bad memories and pain was turned into a softened heart a desire to patch things up and bring love into his relationship with his dad which is pretty damaged. all through the promptings of the spirit this happened. i dont even understand it but its so amazing i wish i could put it in words how it feels, but well i cant.
mom as always thanks for the love and packages, elder rostedt was really strengthened and as always elder tomale too. he calls you all his family. they are actually at the salt lake
20 seconds left gotta go! mahal k kayo talaga ! elder landeen

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