Saturday, August 6, 2011

kumusta po kayo mga pamilya ko, ayos lang at ayos sometimes here, lots to say so here we go
first off thanks so much for the packages for elder tomale. He told me that when he got the packages he felt the spirit and the love of god for him so that really helped him out. its great to be able to be of service to someone.
still strugglin with anxiety pretty bad. had a couple of the worst days this week bug im hangin in there. the meetings with the councilor have helped but well its just so mentally straining all the time i feel like just sleeping all the time cause it gets me so tired. its really crappy cause it feels like a wall thats keeping me from finding happiness in the thing i knew and know can give me more happiness than anything else and im tryin my hardest to do what the councilor says for me to do but well its just really hard i appreciate your prayers for me.
tagalag is coming pretty good though ha elder needs and i had our first baptism (mock baptism) on monday of conrad and raoul 9 another one of our progressing investigators ) has set a date to be prepared by. its kinda well really crazy to think we have taught someone in complete tagalag when it feels like we know nothing ha but that just testifies that the spirit help us missionaries even when our minds arent seeming to work right!
too bad the strawberry trip didnt go well fishings not so fun when you dont catch anything but im sure it was still nice to get out there.
it is crazy that its been a month it feels like its gone so rediculously fast i cant believe it im gona wake up one day and have a plane to catch. im kinda excited to stop off at the hong kong airport and see how crazy it is when everything is in chineese and a million people all around thats gonna be an experience for sure.
i think ive prayed more in the past week than i have in my whole life. maybe thats why its happening to get me to the point where im just always relying on the lord cause i definately am right now. totally goin on the hope that itll get better eventually.

so i was wondering i have this tape recorder if you have one too family itd be cool to get some tapes so i could hear your voices and i think id be aBLE TO send something that actually makes sense im way better at talking than at typing.

i love you elder landeen

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