Sunday, August 21, 2011

kumusta pamilya ko magandung araw!
i dono where this week went i swear i was writing wemails just a day ago times speeding up so fast its crazy. so i got a lot to say it probably wont make sense but here it goes.
first mom i foundf out elder tomale loves lays original potatoe chips so thats an idea.
second im sorry to be asking for stuff but theres an elder rostedt from australia thats not recieving much mail and hes struggling kinda bad. i was honored to be able to give him a preisthood blessing. and while i was thinking later that night i thought it might brighten his spirits to recieve a package. if you could, send things like pop tarts and just foods he can munch on at night and send him your love and testimonies.
we had fantastic devotionals this week one was on how the first presidency wanted us to make sure we are teaching that this is the gospel of jesus christ, but it was given him to heavenly father and we need to teach the fathers plan in everything we do. this was something i knew and understood but it never registered to me like it did during the talk. the other one was about success as a missionary. and it was definately something everyone needed to hear. im gonna send my notes from them home so you can read them and then if you would send them back so i can have them it would be great ! i wanna share more of whats going on just so little time to type and write.
raoul is one our elder needs and i's progressive investigators and he is just about to be baptised were just finishing out the commandments. its super hard cause so much vocab to learn in tagalag but somehow the lord helped us do this and its pretty cool to look back and see how hes used us.\
oh yeah one of the concepts talked about on sunday was perhaps. re read alma 29 and see how many times he uses the word perhaps. we go on missions so that PERHAPS the lord will use us to bring souls unto him. success isnt a guarantee if your idea of success is how many people you baptise and this is evident by the difference between ammon and arrons mission. was ammon more diligent and spiritual than aaron so he got more conerts? of course not. it was just his lot to fall onto a hardened people. the promise the lord gives us is we will have joy in our labors. not that we will have a lot of converts because the choice is entirely on the peoples use of their agency. also read jacob five and see how the lord talks about his vinyard. he never says when i digh about and prune my vinyard it will bring good fruit, but he hopes that perhaps it will. so ive decided thats my mission motto persay that perhaps the lord will use me to bring many souls unto him.
mahal ko kayo! i love you all. elder landeen.

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