Friday, July 29, 2011

kamusta po kayo mga pamilya ko? sobrang magandang dito this week was great so many great experiences! hopefully i can get this down good. ill start off with whats most heavy on my mind.
we have an elder in our district has name is Sailosi Tomale. he is from tonga, he is the only member in his family, he doesnt speak english very well and since were learning tagalog in english im sure you can imagine the struggle. he writes his family but they dont write him. he doesnt recieve news or letters or anything from home and its... well its just too much.
he has probably the most faith out of anybody i have ever met in my life i cant imagine what hes going through. but anyways i knew him and another elder in my district was having a hard time so me, elder tomale, elder moore, elder yost( elder tomales companion) and elder mansfield went into a class to read scriptures together. i wasnt sure what i was going to say to help encourage but somehow the spirit led me and us into an amazing esperience.
elder tomale opened up to us on how much he loves us and how he needs our help and then he told us it makes him happy when he sees up open mail and get packages because we are happy, but it makes hiim sad because every day theres no mail for him. i very rarely have seen a big stong tongan cry and open up like that but this leads me to my point...
i need you guys to send him something. i dont know what whether its food or a letter of encouragement you know what missions are like anything that you would have appreciated. his address will be the same as mine, just change my name to sailosi tomale and unstead of phi- cau it will be phi san. hes going to the san pable mission.
i cant stand knowing that he doesnt get mail and it just well i just want to help him hes such a good person. and also i dono if this is possible, but president monson gave a talk in general conference fairly recently where he told a story about a missionary he met that wasnt recieving mail, and he told him to write his family every week and eventually his family will write him. if at all possible would someone find that talk and see if you can print it in tongan? kevin your a genious online i have faith in you. if not in tongan though english will be great.
i got to go to the temple today, man was it great to be there. we did a session then some innitiatories and then we ate breakfast. i cant think of anything better than going to the temple after some hard weeks theres real power there and i feel so blessed to have been able to go so often. elder rostedt who is from australie told me of when he used to have to travel 24 hours to get to the temple in sidney and it kinda put things in perspective,
anxiety is still a daily battle but now that im fighting it with the big guns im doin a lot better. dropped 6 pounds and that is crappy but oh well. too bad i dont have some protien and a bench set!
so ive decided me ald elder needs are somehow the best companionship, its weird cause we are both so different as far as people go but when it comes to teaching and the gospel we use each others strengths and are able to teach surprising welll even though we ( well hes great im not so good ) arent too great at tagalog. he knows and remembers so much and i feel like im pretty in tune with the promptings of the spirit so those two strenghts together we have been able to teaach some great lessons. we have 3 progressive investigators ( brother day, brother welsh, and sister sorensen) that we are teaching and everyone else got dropped by their first one im not bragging or anything its just kinda cool how you can still bbe affective when you dont know how to say anything other than alam ko po na ( i know that )
alam ko po na totoo ang simbahan at alam ko po naw buhay si jesu kristo. i m outa time i was gonna bear my tagalag testimony but i guess next week. i do appreciate letters so so so so so so much. thanks for your love and suppert. mahal kita talaga! Elder Landeen

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