Saturday, August 13, 2011

lots happened this week.. i think im not sure what happened to the week or the month or my p day ha it goes by so dang fast its incredible. i leave for the pinnes in three weeks and it is blowing my mind!
last night we went to the trc and taught about recieving revelation in church. its always stressful befor trc cause you never feel prepared and you never think you will know how to say things in tagalag but last night went very well. even though during the whole lesson my mind was sayin i dont have any idea what im talking about and my heart and mouth were goin in a completely different direction. its hard to explain what it feels like to bear your testimony that you feel and at the same time your mind is telling you your making it all up. like i feel like im telling the truth and lieing at the same time and sometimes i am so happy and sometimes so sad its so hard to explain ha but oh well.
my patriarchial blessing is something i read lots it has a whole new meaning now. i didnt understand what people meant by it changes meanings depending on where your at in life but now i get it cause things it says i took completely differently before hand.
elder tomale is sure appreciative of everything you all have sent he says that you are now his family and i like that. im so blessed to have a family like you all that wiil show compassion to someone who is in need on a minutes notice. i hope to one day have a tiny bit of his faith and i feel so blessed also to be able to know someone as strong as him.
elder dickey is one of the elders in my district and he has ocd too and its so nice to be able to talk to someone who understands how im thinking so thats been a blessing also.
elder christian is our new district leader and elders johnson and tenny are the new zone leaders. thats about the only thing changed oh yeah the district above us ships out on tuesday so next week we are the oldest. wow.
i ran into jason today while i was talking to josh ha it was cool bein together for probably the last time. josh leaves next week so there wont be that many more chances of that.
i have to tell you of something the older district did to us the other day it was super funny and i guess its been a traditoin for the tagalog zone for a few years now. but anyways its a game called ooga booga. you have two chair facing each other and its like simon says. they brought us into a room one by one and played this game. theres three rules that are on the white board. have fun dont tell anyone and dont get mad. so they have scores on the board of everyone that has played so far and what your trying to do is mimic what the other parson is doing like simon says so if they raise their right arm i have to raise my right arm , left arm for left arm and so on and every time you move you say ooga booga. and the goal is to see how little mistakes you can make in a minute. so your playing this game thinking im gonna win while little do you know the person behind you is pouring water on your chair and so when the other person jumps into his seat your following him and you sit in a big puddle of water. it was pretty funny and one by one we gotta watch everyone in our district do it. just kinda a going away present ha it was nice to have a laugh in the midst of so much work.
but anyways ....
thirty seconds left mahal kita elder landeen

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