Monday, January 21, 2013

ill tell you about my fun experience this week. new years was good but i have a full body rash.. and i mean head to toe. its on the mend i didnt take any pictures because my memory card has had problems since last week so sorry you wont get to see it but it was bad probably the ith\chiest thing ive ever had before. and they have these caterpilliars here that are super colorful with long hairs they when you touch them they have like poison or something in their hairs that itches like crazy. i have a couple scars from them. ill come home with skin looking like i have cancer ha ha. but thats okay. 

i only have one short thing i wanna add in here that i read this morning in 1st nephi about the characteristics of nephi that i find pretty cool. here in 1 nephi chapter 2 verse 16. nephi after he heard the things his father said he didnt just believe he. he had great desires to know of the mysteries of god FOR HIMSELF and he didnt just accept it, he sought his own confirmation. he saught to find out if what he heard was true, he asked in faith, and the spirit softened his spirit.

di we have that same great desire? i mean nephis faith is great we all know that but he was an ordinary person, laman and lemuel also listened to their dad and heard the things nephi heard... what was the difference? we can say faith and thats true but the thing that impressed me was his desire. in alma 32 he starts the seed as a desire to know... and nephis great desire is to know the mysteries of god. i thought something interesting because my whole life i had thought that those kind of things dont really happen to us... but then i thought about the true desires of my heart for my whole life and well i couldnt say that my great desire of my heart was to know of the mysteries of god.. what if that was THE desire of our heart. above all else. and we acted accordingly. i think the world would be a different place to live in if that was how it was. 

anyways thats it outa time. love you all till next week.... elder landeen.

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