Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hello everyone i have about 10 minutes to get this done... so here goes.

dad asked about the new area and about the differences between this area and my last area. so ill tell you about them. my area is completely surrounded by bundok ( mountains ) theres lots and lots of rice fields. (cabagan wasnt close to any mountains and they all grew corn not rice) my house is right on the side of a small mountain, and its rained the past 2 days. since our water in our house comes directly from the mountain when it rains the watewr table gets filled with mud and all sorts of stuff and thus our water at our house for the past 2 days has been bro\wn and wow yesterday was raining so hard and we didnt have any umbrellas ( oh yeah i lost that umbrella you sent ha ha sorry ) busta we got soaked. there are 4 dialects here. mostly ilocano, but then there is sinnai, igarot, and a little ibanug. theres too many stinkin languages here ha ha. but luckily they mostly all understand how to speak tagalog. we have 3 active members in our area. one other family that comes to every month or so and the rest (about 21 on record) are inactive and busy ha ha. so this is going to be quite the rollercoaster ride. since being out here on the mission i enjoy reading the book of alma. ive read through it a few times lately chapters like alma 22 and 32, 34 and its crazy being able to understand to a point what they felt as they were teaching the zoramites about faith (who were at one point members of the church but for one reason or anouther they fell away and are now not worshoping the lord in the correct way) which is exactly what ive been doing for the past year now ha ha. i learned in cabagan what they meant in alma 32 when he said "after much laboring they began to have success" because it took about 5 months before we saw any outward success there but it was probably the most rewarding success of my mission. now im here at the biginning again,, almost starting from scratch. not completely because we at least have the help from the member here that is active. ( his name is cocino collantes hes old but hes still on fire as far as testimony and missionary work goes. ill talk about him in my next letter ) 
i love the scriptures and how in them you can find something for about anything thats going on in life. gods work is pretty incredible. 
my times up time to go so i love you all and ill write a better letter next week! mahal ko kayo elder landeen

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