Tuesday, November 13, 2012

this was another good week. i havent had a bad week for a long time. thats good news,.

we had a very good problem in sacrament meeting yesterday. we ran out of sacramet water because there were so many people that came. in our branch there is a steady 80 or 90 attendance and then sometimes reaches 100. but yestaerday it jumped to over 130. and it was incredible to see. what a good feeling to see things growing... 

we had a family the deguzman family. they werent complete because the father is away on business and he brought his son with him.. but the parents are members and their 2 oldest daughters are members and they havent been to church in years. our beanch president is always convinced the people in my area are all inactive because they dont have any money to pay for a tricee because its too far.. and well they didnt have money for a tricee. but what they did have and used is a little faith and we met up with them early in the morning and walked the 30 minutes to church. its not terribly far but its also not terribly close. and seeing how they have little kids, the youngest was an 8 year old girl.. and range from 8 to 13... (they havent been baptised it was their first time going to church ever and their mother sister nimfa's first time in more than 5 years) it was pretty cool. they also walked home after and had a great experience. 

were pretty spoiled in utah with a church on every block ha ha but just like people here there are other obstacles that keep us from being there every week, each different and personal. sometimes its that great deer hunt or quading at the sand dunes, or havent been for a long time so why try itll be weird.. sometimes its sin. or work, or well i could list a whole bunch of them. but i saw a family that thought they couldnt... its too far, its too hard because we went back to catholic.. the kids dont want to go.. (all things elder pingol and i have heard the past several weeks) just decide to "go and do" and other familys every week going and doing it makes me smile inside and out. god is good. 

all my friends in the mission are going home. its kinda a bummer ha because there arent many. im not a very popular missionary which im greatful for. its cool how things change in school i liked having friends, and that was important to me. now its not. i love....... feeling the spirit and feeling worthy to feel the spirit. i like being quiet and knowing gods happy with me and not needing to hear it from anyone else. i hear from someone that im black and white ha which means its either right or wrong and theres no gray area. which is well i guess a good way of saying it. which is also why im terrified to come home because at least here your expected to obey with exactness and try to help others to do the same. at home your just a stuck up r.m. ha ha so when that day does come... understand me and help me ha ha.

well sorry letters kinda boring this week... oh yeah i hiked to a waterfall today. thats right above my house. and the scenery looked like strait out of tarzan. i didnt get any good pictures. sorry. just watch a movie with jungle and bamboo and lots of vines and thats what it looked like.  

love you elder landeen

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