Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Allen only sent a couple of short notes this week, but here is what he said:
our numbers are growing ha the active members when i got here was 2 that were active (meaning every sunday) 2 that are every month or 2 they will come, 1 that is maybe every three weeks, and well the rest have been inactive for 8 years or more. this week we had 6 from here. more than there have been for a long time! so i was pretty happy about that. theyre coming back slowly as they remember their testimonys. their fires just need a little stoking.
anyways things are great im happy and working hard
i on the other hand have a very exciting life. dupax del sur is the greatest area. i cant even explain it this is just different and i am not sure why. my companion is great the area is great my district is great were finding some great investigators (slowly but surely) and man it makes me wonder why i was so blessed to come to a place like this.
im so glad im here ha ha god sure seems to love and understand me. i have the greatest news ever. my favorite investigator, dan mansiban the one i wrote about so many times is getting baptised this saturday. he passed the interview with president carlos and well jorami his wife didnt feel ready but i cant even say how that makes me feel. hes one reason i know im here. if hes the only one who ever listened to me i would still be the happiest person in the world. he was one that understhood. sometimes philipinos dont really grasp the big picture. he understhood the plan, the mistakes hes made and had a desire to change. and struggled and wanted to give up many times but he didnt he gained faith and i was able to be a part of the process. (i didnt change him of course just part of the process) theres no better feeling i think.

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