Monday, June 4, 2012

hello again / ive got another story to tell... or a few. man i hope i can get these right its hard to explain sometimes the things that happen i always feel like my words dont give it justice. but well ill do my best. seguro first ill talk about nanay gonzales because ive talked about her before. we went and taught her and she hadnt done her reading and didnt seem like she was planning on attending sunday school or relief spciety. weve had a problem with her since ive been here she sure does pray but reading and church is a real hard thing for her for some reason.she knows its right just doesnt do it. anyways this sunday she wasnt at church, it started at 900 and it was 920 and we had just accepted she wasnt comeing then out of nowhere she showed up and then after sacrament she said she was going to attend 1 class. she was very specific that she would attend 1 class only and not relief society. well long story short the relief society here is amazing and she attended relief society too. when we went to her house she talked about how good of an experience it was and how she felt the spirit and how important she felt to all of them... and it was such a relief to hear and almost like man havent we been telling you that for 2 months.... ha ha but anyways during the lesson she said that she believes its true 100 percent... then we talked about baptism and she started to shy away ha i dono what it is with this lady 100 percent she knws its true and right but then when baptism comes up she shys away... we know she has other reasons but anyways she said im still not sure but its close. thats a big progression! she had read, she went to church, she prayed and she felt the spirit confirm its right. thats just pretty cool how simple it all is. just do these few things and god will tell you its right ha. anyways i was pretty happy about that. next story brother dan. \\\ we were walking one day to an appointment and it was super hot so we stopped to get a halo halo. ( this is like a smoothie almost but a little different, is had crushed ice, evaporated milk, and a whole bunch of random ingredients like brown sugar, coconut, these jello squares, seeds, and other things ) anyways when we got there there was a guy sitting there just relaxing and we started talking to him. i figured i better act like a missionary so we shared a little bit about the restoration and the apostasy and anyways long story short we gave him a pamphlet and asked if we could come to his house and share more... and he said sure why not. we set up an appointment and didnt think all that much about it. ( people here will say that you can come teach them whether they mean it or not theyre aftaid that well get mad or something ha ) anyways the day came and we went to his house.. and we got to know his wife a little and him a little bit better and we asked him if he had read anything from the pamphlet and he said he had read all of it and asked if we had any more pamphlets we can give him ha ha. then he asked some questions ive never heard before this guy is a really really smart guy. he asked about joseph smith, and he had read in the pamphlet that john the baptist gave josepth smitht he priesthood but his question was who was it that baptised joseph was it john the baptist or someone else.. i was like blown away that he even considered that ha. anyways this is what happened. the first time my whole mission.. we taught the whole first lesson and he actually understhood it .. . the principle his mind actually grasped the concept of priesthood authority and the apostasy and how important joseph being a prophet was. i thought i was dreaming. i didnt think that would ever happen in the philippines ha. anyways at the end of the lesson we invited him to pray... he had never prayed out loud before. in his whole life. the only thing he had done out loud was the lords pray or hail marry and all that fun stuff. so we taught him how, we encouraged him and he prayed. at the end of the prayer we could just see on his face that something happened. he started saying how great he felt. he couldnt find his words it was like he didnt speak his own language ha, he immediately asked when we are coming back.. and we told him in 2 days and long story short now he accapted the baptismal commitment hes reading ( hopefully ) the book of mormon, and well he didnt show up to church ( its never as easy as you think its going to be ) but weve got another appointment with him this week. its still a long way to go we know hes a coffee fanatic and drinkings a hobby... so theres still some mountains to climb but even so it was pretty dang cool to see something like that. and to thin if we had just drank our halo halos and went on our way we never would have got to known him. ha crazy ang buhay! i got sick again this weekend but its going away ha. can you guys believe its almost a year/ ? crazy. anyways love you all take care in america.... elder landeen

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