Monday, May 28, 2012

hello everyone. another speedy week ha. we had a lot of "success" this week that im pretty happy about so ill share some of them with you,, first off sister tumalliwan. this is one of the less active members we have been working with. she was being visited by the elders before i got here and 2 times a week since i got here but she hadnt come to church for i dont know how long its been months. self declared "inactive" ha. she used to be active used to participate in missionary work and her family would all go to church together. but when her friends started moving away and her family imigrated to america she eventually just stopped going to church. anyone that has been on a mission ya know how theres some people that you just are feeling close with? like for no res\ason in particular you just feel like you are closer to them that others. well thats kinda how it feels with sister tumaliwan lessons here have been so great. so on monday we had set a family home evening at her house and had talked to a whole bunch of members to come with us to her house and a lot agreed the be there at 600 monday night. one family the albanos have a van that they agreed to load up some plastic chairs from the church and take then to sisters house and then the cabalsas (another family) said they would all go and some few others. anyways on monday this is the story. of course things dont ever go smoothely... the first problem we encountered was the albanos van wasnt going to be available until 700 at night and sister tumalliwans house is about 15 minuted away so probably around 730 or 745 they could be there. next we were trying to get ahold of cabalsas because brother albano wasnt going to come so they needed to have someone else drive their van but the cabalsas werent answering texts and it was getting close to 6 and sana we were already at sisters house but we had to go to the cabalsas house to see if brother can drive their van... so we hoped in a tricee and got to cabalsas house and then we found out that brother could drive the van and everything was gong to be fine it was just going to start late. but then i got a text that i couldnt understand because it was in tagalag text language so i gave it to brother chua to translate and we got in a tricee and guess what happened.. within a matter of seconds the phone was gone. we looked everywhere on the road in the tricee an our pockets it was just gone. and when that happened we couldnt even text and say we were going to be late cause we didnt have her number anymore! then by the time we arrived at sister house we had to go around inviting the members down there to come ... and there ended up being bery few that were going to be able to come... and then we ended up being kinda far from he house again inviting people and it was late and no trcees to give us a ride and no phone to tell them where we are so we just ran back w\and when we got there we were dieing of sweat.... and the other familys hadt showed up yet... and it was stressfull.... and then finally after we did everything we could people finaly showed up and it was a great night. and the best part was after months pf being inactive.... she used her faith.... got rid of her fear and shyness and came to church again. man what a feeling. that was a pretty cool experience. things dont ever seem to work out how you expect or how you want them to but when you do your best and do your part which is usually stinkin hard god steps in and the miracle happens. its such a great experience to see people coming back. im so glad to be able to be here now doing what im doing. helping members come back to christ that have lost there way., love you family and hope you are all doing well.... elder landeen

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