Monday, June 11, 2012

hello everyone wow another week down just a few more and its a year ha image that.... hopefully things are going good there things are going good here. i have an announcement to make. all the muscle i gained and worked for is officially gone and im just skinny skinny again! i huess with sweating all the time and getting sick go figure. but im happy dealing with a million problems so thats something ha. who woulda thought that a person thats got a million problems and none of them belong to him could still be happy. its crazy how it works. ive just got a couple experiences to share with you all... one happened yesterday actually and it was after church. we had a coorelation meeting and man its one of those things where you think after why am i trying to have coorelation meeting that was kinda a waste of time because nothing really happened... one of those meetings. its a hard thing to coordinate when people dont have phones or dont attend meetings. but anyways so what happened was after the meeting we went home and i was feeling pretty bummed cause we had thought out a whole lot of things we needed help with the ward with and nothing really ended up happened everyone is too busy and while we were at the house i just kept wondering what are we doing wrong for the ward to get active in the work... and when i kept thinking ill be honest i felt pretty down about myself like we were doing something wrong cause im no expert on meetings the only thing i know about them is whats in preach my gospel ha. but anyways it was just one of those times you needed to just have a good prayer. mataimtim na panalangin.. and so thats what happened. i really prayed. and its not always when you pray that you almost feel someone listening but this was one of those times that it was just a different feeling talaga. then at our first appointment we get there this guy named henry pelo hes inactive and he said he was going to come to church this week but when we went to go pick him up he wasnt there and his family said he was too sick to come. anyways a little background on him hes huge 6 foot 3 and thats rediculously big for a philipino ... and he has a lot of health problems. anyways so were at his house and it starts to rain and always they have tin or metal roofs so when its rainy you can barely hear each other talking .. and so we had this lesson planned but we strayed away from it just a little bit and then it just turned into one of those lessons just completely guided by the spirit. to make something clear my companion is 22 years old and hes a really good teacher and ive been so impressed with how well hes been able to learn how to follow the spirit with his short few weeks here, anyways in the lesson man everything he said was the things i was thinking and it flowed good and then at the end of the lesson after he had prayed out of nowhere his concern just came out and he said some of the reasons that he hadnt been comeing to church and we were abe to encourage him and commit him to coming to church next week. pretty dang cool experience, it just comes back down to the whole obedience brings blessings. that the whole gospel in a nutshell to mee thats all we are really teaching to people. if you become obedient to the commandments of god and follow his plan then he will bless you now in life and forever in the life to come. its stinking hard to do but when you think about it its all pretty simple. if theres anything ive learned here its ... that its not always easy to do whats right. doesnt make you cool or get you very many friends. even mission rules by following them you sometimes seem to be losing the love of the members because your not as cool as the missionaries before cause they used to do this and that at it wasnt a problem. nephi had a pretty hard lot with his brothers and they triend to kill him for him just trying to do whats right. im no nephi and i hope to someday come even 1/2 of who he was but ive learned is if you are willing to do whats right evern if your not very cool for it then you at least have the promise that you will have the spitit in your work and then miracles happen.\\ random though before i forget here in cabagan its just like in the times of joseph smith. "great religious excitement" along the highway on a strip of land about as long as the hills house down a little bit past the rollmans... all these riligions have a church, iglesia ni cristo ( a.k.a. the church of satan) catholics, jehovas witness, born again christian , methodistand then mormons. and then not to far away theres protestant meeting house, theres a baptist compound, and other little born again christian groups. i get why joseph was confused. im glad to know the truth and sad to know others are to blind to even really pray about it. im glad to have the opportunity and had the pppurtunity to see people accept it and change their lifes and see their countanence change cause its true what they say about "light". i never saw it before here but now i can and its something else talaga.... anyways just want you all to know im happy to be out here and i love you all hope you are all happy and hope you know im greatful for your love and support. mahal ko kayo. elder landeen

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