Monday, June 25, 2012

kamusta kamu dang kunnasi i mga aggau nu?  ( crazy ibanug it means how are all of you doing and hows your day been or something like that )

things here in cabaggan are going good my comp is going home... he will be entering into the mtc on july 21 and will be serving in the philippines olangopo mission. which isnt all that far away from him ha its probably the equivalent of arizona or something like that. about 7 or 8 hours on a bus. thats pretty cool i was there when he opened his call and everything. its crazy how im already sending a son on a mission ha i never thought that would happen!

working hard this week man by the time i get to the house at night i can barely keep my eyes open to do nightly planning. one night at the ende of nightly planning i dont know what happened but i was the one praying... and i fell asleep while i was praying then i snapped out of it and brother chua was staring at me and then we laughed and prayed again and i just fell on my bed and went to sleep right there. 

ive come to appreciate what they mean when they say teach the doctrine... man the word of wisdom theres some crazy things flying around the philippines about the word of wisdom! tea gives you cancer and coke was also added apparently to the word of wisdom and all sorts of just rediculous things. ive found the most simple answer to everything and noone has yet to question it. what it comes down to is god is smarter than us ha and he said dont do it so we just dont do it. its amazing how simple things really are when you arent an idiot. ( like i was ha ) 

i dont have all that much to write about this week next week ill have a lot to write about cause ill have a new companion. just know mahal ko kayo and i miss you all ! take care elder landeen

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