Monday, April 9, 2012

tranfered na

Hello family….
Well it happened I got transferred ha I am now in the hottest place in the pilippines… tuguegarao ha try to say that one without speaking tagalag ! im actually not in the city mismo but im about 30 minutes outside the city. My new area is called Cabagan! I replaced elder Nay that’s in my batch ha he was here for 7 months and now gonna try to take over ha it’s a huge area and im pretty lost as far as where things are but of course I only got here Thursday night. Its kinda funny because elder rostedt ( the austrailian in my batch ) is the one that was transferred into my area ha. Im glad to have someone I know will work hard taking over. Man its hard leavin an area you’ve been for a long time. Just about 7 months ago? Im bad at math I don’t actually know how long I was there ha) me and elder riner started there with 2 families to teach and a whole bunch of tracting and now man im pretty sure a piece of me is still there. I didn’t ever really understand how hard it would be I heard elder talk about leaving areas and I just figured it was like a well you just get on with the work and get busy but well not really so its stinkin hard. New area new dialect ( well multiple new dialects ) new companion (which by the way is Elder Aguila ) another Pilipino ha taga bicol siya ( he is from Bicol the farthest part south on Luzon, under manila ) He is pretty cool hes very laid back type and sure is a talker im going to get good at tagalag now probably because theres no American to talk to in English at night ha tagalag na lang!

Im glad that I get to come to an area with so many nice people man im always amazed at how nice the members are to the missionaries. Always giving us food and on and on. We got to watch general conference this week! My word general conference is so cool on a mission! Im pretty sure I saw spencer landeen in the priesthood quior… and that was pretty cool ha. Did you all catch david archuleta in the mtc choir? The new elders that just got here from the mtc say hes a pretty popular kid over there in provo ha man that’s gotta be a crappy life cant even go on a mission to serve god without people hasseling you im over that already good thing im bad at singing.

But about general conference… man so many good talks! Presedent uchtdorf and his just stop it. Isn’t it great how simple it all is? I wonder how they handle the stress of watching people not live the gospel when they know how real it is and have the responsibility to help everyone live it. Ah I couldn’t handle it. David F Evans, who talked on Sunday pm was a really cool one for us as missionaries cause it helps you really think about how important every one soul is. Because its not really one. Its all their kids and their kids and on and on. Sharing the gospel in a natural way to our friends its hard but think about how happy that would be to help our friends accept the gospel. David F Evans talked to us in the mtc and he talked about almost the same kind of thing. That a lot of people think the mormons are weird because we act weird ha. When you just throw a pamphlet in someones face and say be bapised theyre going to think your crazy and when your not a missionary theres so many opportunities to do missionary work that’s simple and normal so people don’t think that were just a bunch of weirdos. I thought that was pretty cool.

Sorry thins is probably kinda jumbled my thoughts are kinda crazy right now I still haven’t adjusted to the transfer and my minds overloaded with new names new places general conference and lots of other things hopefully by next week ill have made the adjustment ha. But well that’s about all I have to say right now that’s all I can think of. Mahal ko kayo…. Elder landeen

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