Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello family its been another week. To make things clear because they probably weren’t last week transfer week is this week not last week ha so ill let you know NEXT week if I got transferred or not. Anyways so a lot of cool stuff happened this weeks back to more miracles ha its almost hard to believe all the cool miracles I get to see everyday and also to see how many people miss the miracles are happening all around them. Ive got a couple I wanna share with you.
On Tuesday we taught a lesson to a nanay lafortesa. She is in her 70’s and she has been smoking for 40 years, drinks coffee 5 times a day and hasent been to church in years. I cant remember if I have written about her yet or not but anyways if I have bear with me. I remember a couple weeks ago when we found her, and I remember the exact thought as it came to mind if you can believe that go down there and try an oym. Her little shack (I guess house if you can really call it that ) is back behind the house of a referral that we were given and when we went there to contact them the second or third time they still weren’t there.. and we were going to leave but…. Then can the thought and long story short we started teaching nanay laforteza. Butt…. Theres always a problem we cant teach a girls without having a boy present. So we found a member tatay manuel.. hes in his 80’s and has no money and were not allowed to pay from travel fare of members with our support money so he has walked with us to our appointments ( don’t worry its not too far and hes still pretty strong , it is a sacrifice and he gets tired but hes willing and still able and is a perfect fellowshipper for nanay because he had word of wisdom problems too for years and he overcame them through the gospel and was baptized ) anyways let me get to what I really want to share… this past Tuesday we went to share about the atonement. It was a great lesson as it always is when talking about the atonement, but out of nowhere nanay just kind of interrupted and said everytime you have come to my house I feel something and ive felt it ever since you started coming. She said I feel so good its just something inside that’s hard to explain like something that’s lumalaki ( which is like getting bigger ) and she just said how much she really feels every=thing weve shared is true and she wants it all in her life. How about that for a miracle. Ive heard “STORIES” of people that experienced things like that but I always had like a hard time with them like yeah that might happen to other people but it doesn’t happen now or like its just a story but I was there and I heard the words with my own ears. IF this wasn’t true then why would she feel that feeling. And if this wasn’t true then why would that spirit she felt have started since the very first time we shared with her. Put it anyway you want it but that would not happen if it wasn’t true. I also believe if we weren’t being obedient to mission rules by making sure there is a guy present in the lesson and not paying for their trice then it wouldn’t have happened. If your not obedient even to the little things your not worthy of that kind of a spirit in the lesson. At least that’s how I feel about things. Theres a saying here in the Philippines… kung gusto may paraan. Kung ayaw may dahilan. Which means if you want to theres a way if your don’t theres a reason. Theres a way to follow everything that your supposed to its so simple 1 nephi 3 7 just gotta believe in it and give up your self and commit to the lord and then… the blessing comes and the miracle happens. 1 nephi 16 nephi breaks his bow his family complains including lehi but then nephi just finds a way to accomplish what god commanded and god provided for him because nephi believed that faith is real and kung gusto may paraan kung ayaw may dahilan.
Family just do it. Its hard to explain how it feels sometimes but really theres some time for no reason I feell so happy I like cant even think straight all I can do is smile and wonder how. I don’t get it sometimes I really just feel like ammon and im going to collapse because im so happy. What they said in the mission call was that you will experience more happiness in your serving the lord than you ever before have felt and well ive felt it and I know its true theres a lot I don’t understand but I don’t believe I could be feeling happiness to this degree if if wasn’t a gift from god because of the truthfulness of the work. Don’t mistake me it doesn’t mean im never sad ( I wish it was like that ) ive felt some of the most sorrow too when people I love reject it but the moral of the story is this Is my testimony I know its real cause ive seen lives changed ive heard testimonies born ive seen miracles happen ive felt the voice of the spirit give me comfort with words to my mind and ive seen so much as the goose bumps on peoples arms while they are trying to find the words to express how they are feeling about what we have shared. With all those witnesses how could it not be? Theres no other way to explain it believe me ive tried and couldn’t do it. So just live the dang gospel its pretty simple. Ha I feel like elder Holland yelling at the elders in the mtc. But anyways that’s my little rant for the day I love you all and ill let you know how things go if I get transferred ill find out tomorrow. Mahal ko kayo. Elder landeen

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