Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ehello again tapos na ang isa pang lingo. man this cycle is flying by its like my memories are just of sitting in the computer shop writing home to family ha. i had some pretty cool things happen this week ill share at least one of them with you. its about nanay gonzales. she is the mother of a recent convert of the elder that was here before me and she has been an investigator for quite a long time. things with nanay have been kinda difficult because shes so catholic ( as far as catholic traditions go ) but her faith is so strong shes so smart about the bible and she even knows that a lot of things that her church does is not right but she just cant seem to let things goo..... but this past week weve made a lot of progress. we taught again lesson 1 taught the apostasy importance of prophets and all that jazz and she understands it all but she just wont come to church! but on saturday something pretty dang cool happened the ward was doing a half day mission where they split up into groups and go and visit aeveryone all our investigators recent converts less actives and regular members. they went and visited her and that night when we went by to invite her to come to church she had a story to tell us about her experience witht he ward visiting her. she said they they shared with her from the book of mormon and at the ende of the lesson they asked her if she would be the one to pray and she said she just started praying and kind of let it all out and then she said " i felt the presence of god " she said that she really felt the spirit so strong and she started crying during her prayer and when she was tellingus this story she told us she wants to come to church tomorrow and she was all excited about it and of course me and elder aguila were completely blown away cause it was an exact answer to our prayers that nanay will want to come to church. ha pretty cool. shes not all the way there et. she was very firm about how shes only giong to sacrament meeting and that she will be attending afternoon mass after she leaves sacrament meeting and we just said okay nay just come to church. just think about how hard it really is to convert to a different church after how many years even if you know its true theres all your friends at your old church theres your family theres peer pressure your scared you feel its right but of course satans right there telling you its wrong ha its gotta be so hard its really a miracle what happens in the lives of these people.\ thats my story for the week ha other that that its stinkin hot here ive got bug bites on my whole body theres cockroaches all over our house even though its a way nice house our water bill is rediculous cause we have leaks and the owner is too lazy to fix it and i dont understand ibanug their dialect here it sounds like a bunch of birds talking to each other but most importantly i dont have any anxiety so none of that stuff matters. count your blessings ha mahal ko kayu family until next week elder landeen

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