Monday, April 30, 2012

another week...

well its stinkin hot in the philippines ha im kinda short on time this week but hopefully ill be able to say something at least somewhat good. here in cabagan like ive told you before they have a different dialect than my last area its called ibanug. ive been studying a little bit of it because we have some people were working with that dont speak tagalag and man its crazy and i think back on being in the mtc and listening to my teachers speak tagalag and thinking man how in the world is that a language and yeah of course how everyone quotes on the best two years with the whole "thats not the language they taught me in the mtc" ha cause when i got here it really was a different language. i remember in my first area with elder bangal kind of understanding some of the things they were saying in church and trhen getting completely lost and asking elder bangal why and he said because thats a different language theyre speaking ha. and now that i speak tagalag pretty well its new challenges cause they dont speak tagalag ha but my point is ive learned to like learning. is that a cleche? i actually enjoy it man they really did brain wash me in the mtc. there was this one time last week or the week before that i was in a lesson that a member came with us and he was talking to the person we were teaching and they were talking aqnd i was falling asleep ha cause it was hot and i just kept telling myself come on wake up dummy and focus and then thinking well you cant understand them anyways theyre speaking in ibanug then i just sorta snapped out of my train of thought and started paying attention and sister was telling a story about how her husbands vision is so bad that one day there was a random guy that was walking past their house and her husband thought it was his friend so he called him over and the guy wouldnt come because of course he didnt really know him... and i started laughing and everyone looked at me and i was like what....? and they said what are you laughing at and i said the story of course and they said you speak ibanug? and i said no.... but you were speaking in tagalag... and they said no weve been speaking ibanug this whole time ha! hows that for cool gift of tongues or what. ive been thinking about things at home a lot lately ha i dont know why maybe just cause im the only american in my district and im having a little culture shock but ive decided theres only a few things that i miss the most ( of course family and that stuff ) but number 1 going to the gym every day with jonathan and i really miss carpet. and people being serious about things. ( pilipinos are super happy and funny but when its serious time its serious time ) and thats about it. and of course tri tip steak. my letters kinda random this week it doesnt have very much of a direction my minds kinda in a million places. to be quite honest its really hard to be teaching all less active members i miss teaching new investigators. we have investigators too but man its hard teaching inactive people cause its all problems that they have they dont want to come to church cause this or that or no money for a tricee or this or that sometimes just lazy sometimes shy because they dont have nice clothes a million other reasons. its the coolest thing when you see someone come back to church after so long of not but man i think about my hard head back in the day and sometimes inside i am thinking man if theyre anything like i was this is gonna go right out the other ear after they hear it. but ya just keep on trying to find inspiration of what they need. what will touch their hearts, and what will help them remember the savior. wish me luck huh? hopefully people will open their hearts and let them selves be happy/. iyern lang seguro ang mensahe ko sa inyo... take care family. mahal ko kayou elder landeen

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