Wednesday, July 13, 2011

kamusta po kayo? its miini p day and it feels great to have a little time to catch up on language. its a lot harder for me to remember things than i expected but thats alright. im keeping super busy and i like the structured days. i love it here. home was great but the spirit here is so strong all the time and you cant beat that. my kasama elder needs is really smart so he helps me and is patient with me so thats great. i saw josh the first day he was waITING for me in the cafeteria and it was great to see him, i havent seen him since though. so i have a couple more things i forgot... sorry if i just keep asking for things i dont mean to but i think i came very un prepared. i need toenail clippers and a nail file, and mom if you could make me a big stack of flash cards with like a ring or something holding them together that would be great ive been making them out of index cards that i rip in half and its getting really tiresome.
so far ive learned to bear my basic testimony and i have got that down pretty well, we are goin to learn to pray tonight, and we have learned like a thousand vocab words and how to basically greet people. tagalag sounds so weird im ecxited to talk jibberish to you when i get home.
i have to confess its a little discouraging when everyone seems to get the language quicker than i because im usuall one of the brighter kids but im pretty sure humility is exactly what i need so humility is what i will be working on. even though it is hard its amazing to me waking up and remembering things which the night before i had no idea so the gift of tongues is real.
my district is great, there is twelve of us total, the companionships are elder rostedt(he is from australia) and elder Nay, elder Dickie and Elder Mansfiels, Me and Elder Needs, Elder Christian and Elder Zeigler, Elder Johnson(he is the district Leader) and elder Moore, and Elder Tomale( he is from Tonga and he speaks basicaly no english, i feel bad for him but i can tell he is a strong person because he doesnt seem to be discouraged) and elder Yost.
our zone leaders are Elder Partridge and Elder Wong. Elder Partridge seems to be a lot like me in how he was his first week and they are both very helpful and supportive.
The Branch President is President Stott, His councilors are first, Brother Jesse, and second bro Gurney. we have only met them once as of yet so i dont know all that much about them.
I love having all you can eat food and that great, i found out the weight room doesnt have free weights so im kinda upset about that, the gym is closed right now though anyways because the floor is being re surfaced, and the temple is closed too which makes me a little sad but i guess ill just have to be patient.
if i dont writhe much letters please forgive but dont stop writing me, i told dad i wont tell you if im having a hard time but i really needa put everything into catchin up with people on tagalag.
mahal kata ang pamiliya ( i love you family )
tty when i do, Elder Landeen

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