Saturday, October 20, 2012

Allen just wrote individual letters this week, but here are exerpts from the letters he wrote to Mike and I:
as far as things here they are progressing slowly we have help from the funniest man in the world. cocino collantes hes 76 years old and the most active in missionary work ive seen in my life. he has a goal to literally take thousands of souls unto christ. he talks to everyone he sees, knows everyone and their dog here in dupax del sur and i free to come and work with us. sometimes the things he say (naturally) are kinda crazy like he told us the story of abraham and how right before he offered isaac the angel moroni came snd stopped his hand and thats why hes now on the steeple at the temple (the story is complete with actions, hand gestures and sound effects ) ha ha but hes great because hes dedicated and converted.
im really enjoying this part of my mission. my mission has been weird. but perfect. my weak things are slowly becoming strong like it says in ether 12 27. im workin my butt off and times flying. can you believe it... october na. almost my second birthday in the philippines. crazy.
lately ive been focusing on charity and have noticed that a lot of the reasons we get sad and upset or bothered is because well from focusing our thoughts on the bad things or little things other people do that arent fair towards us but dont really matter at all. and by choosing to not think badly towards others ( of course companions ) and stopping the train of thought when you start to be "bothered" by them ( when i say you i mean me or i ha ha ) that i am well just happy all the time even when our key indicators are terribler becuase noone wants to listen right now. its weird how remembering your purpose is the key to everything. remembering for me that god only asked me to be faithful and invite people and if i do that hes happy with my service, thats really cool to finally internalize because it takes away a lot of the stress.

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