Saturday, September 29, 2012

ha ha well first of all my area did split in two like i thought it would which was exciting. there are now 4 elders there. im not one of them ha im now in my 4th area. its a place very far away from cabagan. its called dupax del sur in the province of nueva vizcaya and its well up in the mountains! its absolutely beautiful here. it s nice and cool at night and very quiet as opposed to cabagan thats a million degrees always. it was hard leaving all those people we were teaching and being busy all the time. for 2 reasons. 1 reason... siyempre i love them all but another is because our area book is nice and clean. and empty ha were opening the area. it used to be part of area dupax but they split it in half, there hasnt been any missionaries here in a very long time. years if im correct. so the field is ripe already to harvest ha ha. 

my companions name is elder pingol. he is a philipino and its going to be a good companionship im very excited for this cycle! times already flying by and  the months are passing like weeks. weeks like days, days like hours, hours like minutes. etc....
he is from a place called laguna and he is definately a big change coming from elder hawlader. my companion knows the gospel and speaks tagalag! its crazy how that seems like a miracle to me right now. 

there is a tatay that lives here his name is tatay collantes man he is the most masipag ( means like hard working ) with missionary work that i have ever met! he knows like everyone and hes been trying to set up appoointments for us with everybody he meets ha ha. hes a little crazy but his heart is in the work and we are very blessed to have him as our branch mission leader here in dupax del sur. 

they have a whole bunch of dialects here. mostly ilocano, they also have some sinnay, igarot, and ibanug. (luckily they almost all speak tagalag also) it will be crazy coming home and only speaking one language after sacrament meeting being conducted in elglish, ilocano and tagalag all mixed together ha ha. 

i hope everything is good with you there. things are good for me here im happy and greatful for all these great opportunities that the lord is giving me. like how we are going to start a meeting group up there where we only hold sacrament meeting... probably in a bamboo hut , or under some trees or in a small house if we get lucky. i would just never get to experience those things if i wasnt here. its a testimony builder ya know why? because sometimes we think about investigators coming to church and it being perfect and they will like the church and be comfortable.,, and at first i was turned off by the idea about meeting under a tree. but then i realized. the church started with how many people in a small house? they had persecutions and all those sacrafices... why? well because the same spirit that is in a nice chapel will be in a small meeting house and a small group of people gathered under a tree to partake of the sacrament is just as important to god as a whole ward. petty cool when you think about it. 

well i love you all take care ill update you on things next week! mahal ko kayo ulit... elder landeen

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