Saturday, September 29, 2012

kamusta po kayo mga minamahal kong kapatid, nais kong sabihin sa inyo na buhay pa rin ako, humihinga pa at mayroon na po kaming internet na medyo mabalis. bale sana maganda nd sulat ko sa inyo ngayon.

like the tagalag intro?
 sorry about last week man that was a pain in the ()(). i think ill give you all a few updates on how things are going here in cabagan. and what changes are going to be happening here in the next coming weeks. 

on transfer day my area is getting split in half, theyre adding 2 more elders into my beautiful castle of a house and cutting my area in half. this is exciting and stinks at the same time. excitng because the investigators we have in both halves will be able to be focused on better but stinks because well helf of them i wont be able to be teaching anymore. and then we will have to be starting from having jam pached days to ah crap what are we gonna do now... i havent been there in a while im not all that excited to go back ha but it will be great to experience it again. 

i wanna talk a little about dan and jorami. i dont think ill tell you everything about them bcause its long but long story short dan is a lot like me and jorami is a very nice but different and loud person. i love them very very much. i talked about dan before but i dont think i ever talked about jorami. its interesting being in a missionaries shoes teaching and counceling people almost twice your age about how to change their life. dan has had a long life of well sin. starting when he was a kid hes been there and done that. enough said ha. and some hard big choices have been made and ive seen in his eyes what a would describe as what alma must have felt (to a certain degree) after the angel appeared to him and he realized and acceptied how wicked he has been. i can see a real desire to change, but the helplessnes that satan so freely gives to us all after he has wrapped us in his chains. i remember something i once heard that the feling of being square with god is one of the best feelings in the world. i know thats true, i would like to add my testimony that the feeling of knowing your not square with god but not knowing how to change yourself is one of the worst. the feeling of hopelessness because for so long youve chose the wrong you end up believing the lies whispered in your ears that maybe you cant really ca\hange. and theres no way..... i can see it in his eyes and it makes you just sad inside. the pull of addiction, the peer pressure, the guilt of past transgressions is just weighing him down. yes you can hide it well but at night when your about to go to sleep theres the real you wondering if you have any hope. this is dan right now. 

im so greatful for the savior because if it werent for him poeple like dan and me wouldnt have any hope. im greatful that no matter what it is youve done you can make it right. and im glad im here. i got a text the other night and wow ive been in the field for a year now.. so that means 14 months in the mission. and im glad with where i am. no matter what kid of problems or discouragement we feel in life or while your out serving its a comfort to know that the savior has already felt it and made a way for you to do what he asked. training a bangladeshi has been stinkin hard. to be honest sometimes its like taking a little brother that doesnt speak your language out to teach people, but ive learned more from this companionship than i have from any other one. its a big world out there many cultures and many problems but one faith one lord and one baptism for them all. i think the best way to describe a mission, for me, is a big karma experience for all the bad things you did to other people. it helps you understand people. oh thats what mom and dad felt t\when i didnt go to school and i said i did, and thats why god said through a prophet dont steady date when your young, im really glad im here. 
anyways ive rambeled on with basicly no direction just a bunch of jumbled thought. just wanna say i love you! take care ill write again next week. elder landeen

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