Monday, January 23, 2012


kumusta everyone. i just got back from a way cool trip as a district we went to this place called aglipay and went down into the coolest caves ive ever seen! ive got a buncha pictures ill sent in a little but just had to let you know about that.
bein a trainer is super fun and super stressful ha. my comp is a hard worker and a pretty good teacher ive been really impressed. he has a hard time with all the studdying and i think he is homesick while he is at home he seems pretty miserable wehile were at the house i dont really know what to do there but when we get out and working he is super happy so thats good.

my work with the less actives is going okay we actually are going to start working with this couple to get them to the temple. the brother has been a member since youth and the sister for about 2 years and i just dont think anybody has even talked to them about goi9ng but i could see from how they treated each other that they wanted it so that is what we decided to share with them. and... theyre going to start working towards it !

ive noticed a common problem about everyone on the list of names the ward council gave to us to atart working with.. that if people would just do their home and visiting teaching there wouldnt be any problem here!!!!!!!!!! so all you people just do it its suck a small thing that makes a big difference.

we have some baptisms coming up this coming february 4. the paz family ( sana depending on if nanay comes to church and can be interviewed by president carlos before then ) and the de guzemans. (this is for sure they are so ready man this family is ... well i just love em )

we had to move te date of the pascuals because tatay is having some doubts and doesnt have as strong of a testimony as we thought he ddid. he was a part of a religion called dating daan... which means the old way. their pastour guy is a guy names soriano and he is an expert at the bible and basically just talks crap about every other religion and ah man hes such a big problem here. we randomly sometimes have people ask us so where exactly is kolob, or so why did joseph smith have 43 wives and why do you think gods name is elohim blah balah blah its like where in the world t\did they find that out.,..... oh yeah this soriano fool. but anyways ill let you know what happens with them.

im enjoying life here its hard bein in charge my tagalag is okay i can get around just fine but im still a ways from fluent my grammer isnt all that great so its good i have a pilipino companion.

what else has happened.... man i dont even know so much is floating through my head right now! thats about it that i can think of. ill let you all know next week if the baptisms are set for sure or if they will be moved. well mahal kita! elder landeen

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