Monday, July 16, 2012

well hello again.. its been another week and a lot of adventures. a lot of curry and vegitables ( i never even tasted curry in america but man its so good  and apparently you can cook anything using curry seasonings imagine that ) having a companion from bangladesh is a  very mind opening experience to see what life is like in a different country. i remember making all the comparisons of america to the philippines and now im hearing all the differences of bangladesh and the philippines and im glad to say one thing.... im proud to be an american. ha ha ha. anyways things that have been going on. . . . .

ive been studying a lot about how to work with ward and stake leaders. ive noticed ive been working with less actives here for about 3 months now and its been somewhat fruitful but ive come to realize that if i cant find a way to get members involved in this its gonna all be a whole lot of stress and sweat ( plenty of sweat ) for nothing. the whole every new member needs a friend a calling and nourished by the good word of god... even more so to these less actives. ive learned the most common sin of the human race. BUSY. too busy with work or school or projects or other things to take thie time to do the little things. or sometimes the big things. apparently the word has BUSY has a hidden meaning..... B being U under S satans Y yoke    pretty cool huh? all you home teachers that are too busy like i always was come here and see how many people dont come to church and get to feel the blessings of being active that probably would be right now if it werent for the fact that noone showed any interest to come help them, or bless them when they were sick, or clean up after a baguio, or just come share a spiritual message 1 time in a month. too BUSY. im going to put this in the category of things i hope i remember after ive been home from my mission for ten years. maybe when im a busy 50 percent home teachers ill read my own words and slap myself in the face. 

ive preached a few too many sermons to all of you now im stuck here ha ha if i ever fall out of line theres evidence against me.... remember when you wrot home about this and that? and then                   ill repent ha ha.

ive been thinking about my missionary work and what kind of a missionary i am. sometimes well all the time im stressed and anxious cause things arent going the way they were planned to go or other people your relying on arent willing to sacrifice.... and then i started thinking why does in really matter in the long run what everyone always said was true all god wants is your best. if you give that then the results dont really matter all that much. stressing about things about members and leaders that arent doing their job gets me nowhere and then when i look for the good instead of the negative i get the sweet moments like seeing the cabalsa family. mother relief society president father 2nd councilor in the bishopric. last night i was at there house figuring what we were going to do about sister imie in the hospital she needs help getting her insurance and bills all figured out and she cant do it alone because she has to stay with her daughter. sister cabalsa decided that she would take the time out of her BUSY day and go to tuegegarao to help her. then she second guessed and said wait the kids dont have any food for lunch tomorrow and if i dont sell ( her "job" is she has a bicycle with a little side car attatched to it and she peddels around and sells food that she cooks at her house ) anyways she said if i dont sell then wont have any money to give them. then as easy as for most people to say im sorry i wish i could but.... ( and then give the reason even a very valid reason ) she just said well i just need to be willing to sacrifice god will provide. and she left her job this mornng went to tuegegarao and is helping imie right now. man do i have that kind of trust in the lord? 

the mission ha been a struggle for me the whole time i dont write home about everything mostly anxiety is the source of all the problems but to see people willing to show faith in the lord like that and knowing that a few missionaries that gave up a couple years of their lives to go and teach people about jesus christ were instruments in gods hands to help someone like this become the person she is today.... im greatful for the struggles. at least i know somehow someday my efforts will ammount to something as long as the lords on my side. 

im greatful for all of you. i love you. i believe the church is true. theres a lot of bad in the world but there is also a lot of good. im gonna try to find the good. maybe we could all set a goal together.

mahal na mahal ko kayo...... elder landeen

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